It’s all about me

No, it’s not all about me, but I believe it’s obligatory to write about me, myself and I. It’s really hard to describe yourself, especially when sometimes you are still trying to figure out parts of yourself.

Changes happen, drastic or not and it is usually not a bad thing. I started in a city in Greece, beautiful, with lots of sun (yes, I love tanning, how did you guess it?), singing, working and crafting as always. I have always been outgoing and enjoyed being around people. I get that energy that makes you smile and happy inside. Being in multiple bands, singing and making jewlery was mostly how I spent my afternoons, but I could never resist a good book with hot coffee. You can get lost in those words and the tale can unravel right before your eyes. If you never tried it, I highly recommend it.

As long as I can remember I dreamt of coming to the States, cliche I know. So, on aΒ  Christmas Eve I sat my parents down and told them that I am dropping everything in order to pursue my dream of studying in the US. It took me two long years and a lot of effort, but I made it. The trip here was probably the most nerve wrecking process a 20 year old could have endured; and it was so worth it.

I focused on my studies, I had a plan, I was gonna keep with it and that’s when I met The Man, My Man, My Forever. Spencer. Out of nowhere this guy was just everything. Freshman in college and I am infatuated with him. Who am I kidding? Still am, just don’t tell him! Everything came so natural. It was like we knew each other for so long. Three and a half years later we are married, on our way to a bigger university, alongside two dogs and a cat.

I was asked why did we marry so young. I could think of only one thing; We didn’t want to wait for our forever to start. We are planning the big, fat, greek wedding and God Almighty only knows what he will have to endure.  I will post more about it here, I am sure. We have been through so much, him and I and at the end of the day I kiss my best friend good night.

Kallia Manika

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