New Year, New Me? Oh, wait; I’m still the same old me


It’s been almost a week since New Year’s greeted us and what followed was the New Year’s Resolutions. I mean, I get it. Who am I to judge? You do you and be happy. But this whole phenomenon has taken people like a windstorm. At this rate, these resolutions are your to-do list for the first, ok the first two weeks of January. We are the New Year, New Me generation, but what baffles me is why are people so unhappy with themeselves, that end up wanting to change every single aspect of their lives? It is not a bad thing to want to better yourself. You want a better body? Hit the gym, eat healthier and work hard. You want a better job? Do your research, find what suits you and go for it. You want to go on that trip to Asia, that you always dreamt of? Start saving money and get your ticket. You simply want to be more organized? Take your time, have a plan and stick to it. Sky is the limit. But don’t blame it on New Year’s Resolutions. You probably didn’t like where you were before this time of the year. My point is, don’t wait. Don’t follow blindly the mainstream and swim the other way, for a difference. There is nothing wrong about that. But do it when you feel ready and don’t make excuses. Because that’s what we all do. Yes, I will put myself in the equation. I cannot help but wonder, do we really feel that inadequate? Also, what is the root for our feelings? Because it is not just you and me. It is an idea that affects the collective, but no one seems to have found the answer. We should feel joyous, when we face ourselves in the mirror and we shouldn’t trouble our minds for hours, right before we fall asleep. Maybe, it’s in our nature. Maybe, we simply feel accomplished if we torture ourselves with questions. Or maybe, we just follow everybody else.

Kallia Manika

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