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When mornings are your arch enemy

If you are like me, some days you just want to roll over and sleep more. You look at your alarm clock and think that “no, it can’t be 8 already”. Perhaps, you have no motivation whatsoever and the grey of the weather kinda lingers over your head. I’m not looking at you morning people. You look something out of a science fiction story to me. I’m focusing on you, the one that hears morning class and gets a tremble in your stomach. So, today, I will share some tips, that have helped me through the awful mornings, or personal hell if you prefer.

1. Don’t snooze, you lose.


It sounds basic, but your day should start the moment you hear that alarm clock. It is not healthy for both, your body and mind to trick it into borrowed time. Those extra minutes are a nightmare to shake. The more you snooze, the more your body relaxes and it’s harder for you to get up and running. So ditch that awful little button and get started!

2. Drink up.


It’s morning, you probably look like grumpy cat 2.0. Here’s a tip to get you started; Water. Drink a big glass. Start your day right and wink at yourself in the mirror, cause you are one step closer to being healthy; And maybe a little less cranky.

3. Exercise.
Now, you don’t have to start yelling. I know it, you know it. Mornings are not our cup of tea, but there have been studies, that proved working out for even only 15 minutes, every morning benefits not only those desirable abs, that you secretly crave, but you wake mind and spirit. Yoga is a great start for your day. If you have dogs, why don’t you take them on their walk? They will greatly appreciate the time together and you get to spent time your fur baby.


4. Shower.


I mean, you just exercised. It’s only fair that you clean yourself up. For everyone. Take the time you need and enjoy feeling all kinds of fresh! Use a lotion or a refreshing moisturizer, after you finished, for that awesome hydrated- skin feeling all day. My absolute favorite is Jergens,Β  Soothing Aloe.


5. Get your fuel.


And by that, I’m referring to a big, hearty breakfast. There are so many options out there, eggs, pancakes, sandwiches. But non the less, eat up, fuel up, read the new post of your favorite blogger and get ready!

6. Smile.


Yes, that’s right. You might feel horrible and still wanna go back to bed. Don’t. Do yourself a favor and look at the mirror. Realize how many things you accomplished today, already. You are beautiful and you got this. Get out there and put a big smile on your face!

Plus, after your long day, you get to snuggle your favorite bed and binge watch Netflix. Hey, I never said we like mornings, just trying to make them tolerable.


Kallia Manika

8 thoughts on “When mornings are your arch enemy

  1. These are great tips! One thing that I started doing to help me get up without hitting snooze is this: I turn off my alarm and count 5 4 3 2 1 and then I get out of bed, without thinking. NO excuses, I just do it. It works wonders!

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  2. Perfect morning routine, yes sometimes I just want to lazily sleep inside, but those are rare days and then my son is besides me to ensure I don’t get that, lol. Water and exercise must!

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  3. What a perfect morning routine. Great way to start our day. Drinking water in the morning is perfect, Especially when the stomach is empty. and I am a huge fan of Jergens. It leaves my skin so soft.

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