Dream big.

Bucket lists should not have limits. Mine, for instance, are filled with dreams and hopes of a girl that dreamt too big- insert melodramatic music here-. I looked for more, I searched the greatness; by the way if you find it let me know, I don’t know where to look. So, bucket lists. Nicely put, in an arithmetic list holding the hopes and wishes, that sometimes you are even ashamed to share with your closest friends. But this is not the case. Today, I will share with you my top 10 on my bucket list. Remember, this is a no judge zone, so just between us. Here it goes:

1) Visit New York for Christmas.

Something about that big tree at Rockefeller center, just makes it magical. Have you seen how sparkly that tree is? My number one used to be to live in the United States, but I can check that out of the list! Yay!

2) Spent a summer travelling Europe.

And I mean, all of Europe. But not in the backpacking kind of a way. I’m referring to the glamorous and artsy side. I want to see the little towns and the big cities. From London, to the small villages in rural Italy and from Spain to Germany and Austria, with their amazing chocolates. I want to be able to witness everything from the natives’ point of view. I want to drink awesome Scottish whiskey and take a picture of the famous tulips in Holland.

3) Skydiving.

The idea simply feels freeing! Look at this picture! Don’t you want to try it? Don’t you want to see the world from above?

4) See a fashion show first hand.

C’mon, you really thought I wouldn’t have fashion in the top 5? If only I could get front row seats, I would break in a happy dance in the middle of the road while holding a Vogue magazine up in the air! Just imagine it. Yes, you are allowed to laugh. Just do it silently. The following pictures are from the fashion show for spring and summer 2016. Alexander McQueen, show me your ways! Versace, I bow to you!

5) Have a beautiful family.

I am married to the most magnificent man and I’m so blessed to be with him. Kids, dogs and a beautiful home are very simple ideas, but truly meaningful to me. I come from a big, Greek family. We are all in each other’s business and we care for each other so much; and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We have our charming ways in all our loudness.

6) Host my own show in a gallery.

I love making jewlery and the idea of showing parts of myself to the public, might be extra scary, but it would be a dream come true.

7) Sing in a big concert.

Singing is my passion. Simple as that.

8) Get involved with philanthropy.

As a member of a sorority, philanthropy was one of the requirements. We visited the Ronald McDonald house and cooked for the families. We got to know some of the people and it felt so good to just be there and help, in any way possible. As a priest’s daughter, I have been around people that needed help, but they never asked. I have witnessed families that starved. Philanthropy is not just giving. You take back, also. Actually, you take back by giving. The satisfaction for example, you receive, from an orphan’s hug, when he sees the teddy bear you brought. That hug could melt an iceberg’s core. There are numerous causes and I believe that there is nothing more noble than volunteering.

9) Get a star named after me.

Who couldn’t possibly think that it is hopelessly romantic? I don’t know if it’s possible, I will be honest. It kinda goes hand in hand with the romantic side. This one is probably the one noone knows.

10) Inspire and become someone’s mentor.

The name you leave behing is your legacy. Make the most out of it. I just hope, I get to be so lucky that I make a difference.

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