Just open my purse.

“What is in my purse?”

“I cannot find my gloves; I know! Let me check my purse.” How many women have asked that question? How many more have lost their glasses, mascaras and keys in them? Not matter how big or small they are, we always have a little extra room.

A woman’s purse is her safe haven. Her world is in this pouch, that comes in all sizes, colors and textures. I should make another post for purses. I love them and my collection is quite large. I am really proud of it, actually! Today I decided to show you the contents of my purse. I usually try to keep it tidy and I change purses often; I mean how can you be wearingΒ a mustard blouse and blue pants and not have to match your purse and shoes to compliment the whole outfit? But as all women know so very well, we have this amazing gift of ending up with all kinds of little treasures and every time you open it, you transport to Narnia. Whoever laughed, thank you fellow nerd.



Because it is necessary. Of course, mine is pink, fashionable and has a little heart locket on it. Who says I need to put my credit cards in a sad wallet? Get in debt in style!


I am obsessed with it. It is leather, in red color and keeps my head in the game.


My Dolce Gabbana lovies. They are a must, sun or not and they always make a statement!

3)Reading glasses.

Rebecca Blu, blue and purple. Need I say more?

4)Little coin purse.

For all my spare change, that I don’t have. It was one of my favorite finds on our last trip to Greece. And hey, it is purple after all!

5)Little notebook.

It makes my purse look pretty. I adore the quote on it. ” Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”


A necessity if you write as much as I do.

7)Hair ties.

If you have hair, you know it just gets in the way most of the time. We love it, care for it, but when we are busy, it is a little goblin trying to keep you out of the game.


Because I can use them for everything.

9)Mary Kay lipgloss.

A must to look awesome on the go. There come inΒ so many colors and they can last for so long!


Marc Jacobs, Decadence. My absolute favorite piece in my purse. Who wouldn’t want to smell like a thousand bucks?


So, next time you get angry with your purse, remember ladies, without them, we would be lost. Besides, when your man tries to find your keys it is fun to watch him cringe the moment you just tell them very casually “oh, honey, just open my purse.”



4 thoughts on “Just open my purse.

  1. This is the purse of my fantasies where I’m cool and put together, instead of the disaster of a purse that I currently own which is the place random receipts, cheerios, and the occasional action figure go to die 😦

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