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Happy popsicle


Hello there! Hope your day is going fantastically good! Well, here has snowed and snowed and snowed. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow. I used to have this fantasy, that I would wake up on Christmas day and everthing would be white, sparkly and so quiet. But no, if you are from Greece, you could get a unicorn easier. Usually, sun is shining and birds are chirping, which any other time would be spendid, but not in winter. Meaning, your body is not adjusted to cold weather, so you can only imagine what happened to me when I spent my first winter in the States. I believe I was a happy popsicle, that in reality looked like an onion. Well today, I am going to share with you some of the tips that have helped through my winter nights. It has been a debate in the past if I should hug a heater,or not and I would, but you know, it would burn my skin. Really tough decision. I had to ask the audience for help.

First things first, you need a binie. How else, are you going to keep that head of yours warm, so you could read your favorite book later the day? You can find so many of them in all colors and sizes and in different prices.



Gloves. Look at them. Aren’t they precious? They even have little pom poms on them! Thank you, mom! Your hands feel toasty, you are in no danger in losing your fingers anymore. Yes, I know it’s just in my head. No, I don’t want to face my irrational fear, when it is 50 degrees outside. But why not look stylish when your hands are having a thank you party for remembering them and taking care of them.




If you are like me, you know a good coat, jacket etc could save a life, or an outfit for that matter. Here, that I am looking all sorts of happy, I am in fact crying on the inside. I am wearing snowboarding gear and a scarf of course, in an obligatory winter wonderland selfie on Snapchat.


These are a couple sites, in case you are looking for yours:


Thermostat. Keep it steady at a comfortable temperature. Saves money, as well.


Blankies and layers. I have a variety and a lot of seasonals as well. Perfect for reading on your favorite spot, or watching a movie on a lazy Sunday with your significant other. FYI, don’t let anybody tell you, you overdid it. Make a blanket fort and hide from the hatred of some people. You don’t need that negativity in your life! SMH.



Pool noodle. Yes, you heard that right. The concept is very simple, actually. You, first need to cut it, length wise. You wrap it in fabric, fashionable or not it is not the point and just slide it under your door. That way, any draft that would come through, you now officially eliminated it. Congratulations, you succesfully completed a Pinterest worthy DIY. The idea came from the following blog post:


Cook and bake. Your oven helps warm up your place. I don’t know about you, but I love trying new recipes. So, two birds, one stone!

These are three very traditional Greek recipes. I will post them soon with a picture how to step by step!


Cuddle your fur babies under layers of blankies and fluffy pillows. It’s basically an excuse to be comfy and feel the love of your pet.


At the end of the day light your favorite candle and sip on a glass of wine. Enjoy it, while it lasts. When summer hits, you will wonder why you were so cranky when you could just layer up and be happy!




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