Some days are sadder.

tumblr_ly7p1xuiPl1r6f39po1_500 alan rickman

Today, we lost an amazing actor. An artist. Alan Rickman.

I do not commonly hop on the wagon and write about someone’s death. The pain is for the family, friends and loved ones to deal with, I don’t believe if I make a facebook or a blog post about it will help with their grief and I say a quiet prayer in their name.Β But, today it is different. Today we are all sad. He battled cancer and today, January 14 2016, at 69 years of age, left us.

He was a face of a whole generation. A Slytherin, that died in a Griffindor way. Fellow nerds, we are in this together. He was a part of so many movies. Die Hard, Mesmer, Rasputin, Sense and Sensibility. I adored him in the Song of Lunch. He was diverse and an amazing person. He was a magnificent on Eyes in the Sky. Snow Cake made me cry and laugh. Truly brilliant.

You, sir, will be greatly missed and remembered. Always.

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