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It’s all about purses

Part 1

It is still the heart of winter, it is cold and at this point we look like something out of a cover of a snowboarding magazine. We cannot wait to feel the warmth of spring and summer and secretly we browse around the virtual runways, featuring the Spring/ Summer Collection of 2016. At least, for people like me that fashion holds a part of your daily daydreaming. I cannot help it, they are irresistible! Shout out to you, Vogue. You are magnificent! It was inevitable that I would check the new handbags, that are coming out and I am not surprised that they are stunning! The designers have outdone themselves once again and there is such a big variety, that I will need to write a second part, soon. Not that it’s a bad thing of course, but hey it doesn’t cost more to dream bigger, since my budget is nowhere near those prices!

 1. Balmain.


Rich colors and classy, as always.

2. Burberry prorsum.

burberry prorsum

Think fun size, gold and fabulous.

 3. Christian Dior. Christian-Dior-Spring-2016-Bags-2Because only the Legend, can keep making us double check if we really need food this month and most likely, the next.

4. Dolce and Gabbana.


Floral, pearls and brooches. Perfect combination.

5. Fendi.


The Peekaboo Project. Beautiful, with a good cause. If you want to find out more information here is the link:

6. Giorgio Armani.

giorgio armani

Bold colors!

7. Gucci.


Italian finesse. Need I say more?

8. Lanvin.


Please, get in my closet!

9. Prada.


Favorite piece of the year. Just keep reminding myself that food and all my utilities are very important. Right?

10. Roberto Cavalli.

roberto cavalli

C’mon, how can you make such beauties and not give them to me? I promise, I will be good to them. I will love them and care for them and we will have sleepovers!

11. Versace.


Fun colors!

Ugh…This is harder than I expected. With my wish list, I will be in debt for the next decade. But I will look oh, so cute carrying them all!




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