Famous Quote of the Week / fashion

Famous Quote of the Week


It’s been a fashionable couple days. I hope you guys are enjoying it as much as I do! Lazy Saturday afternoon and I found the saying from Manolo Blahnik, that says it best. Isn’t it amazing how true this is? You see this new pair of shoes, staring back at you. You check your account, you just have enough and without a debate you decide to go with it! You rush home, slip into the appropriate attire ( because you HAVE to match these babies with THAT dress) and you finally put them one. And Bam! You are in your happy place and your body instantly sways and you feel like dancing. You turn up the music and your dog is howling next to you, while trying to figure out why his human is dangling all around in a very unconventional and uncoordinated way. That’s when you see this quote and realize how small things can change our attitude. A new pair of pants or a chunky and warm scarf can put a smile on that beautiful face of yours; and noone can take it from you! Sometimes, we need to say yes to an idulgence (always in a cautious way). Sometimes, we need to reward ourselves, because most of the times we forget to smile. We forget to enjoy life and we lose the tempo. We stop having dancing parties with our fur babies. We have one life and we should celebrate it. If that means an extra pair of Manolo Blahniks, then so be it!

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