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Must haves for everyday make up.

You woke up late. You are in no mood to socialize, but you have to. You are wondering if you should maybe press that snooze button. You decide to roll over and next thing you know, you need to get ready for work in less than 15 minutes. Girl, don’t panic, you are not alone! Because, this has happened to me, more times than I could be proud of, I have made a must have list for my everyday make up, that is fast and efficient. That face needs to glow no matter what, ladies!

  1. Moisturizer. I always use it day and night. This Mary Kay one is not heavy for my oily skin and smoothes everything!
  2. Foundation. Dior is forever! I love it! Easy to use and makes my skin look flawless! I, personally, use the 020.
    foundationFind this foundation and many more options in the following link:
  3. Mascara. I have a variety, but I have been using the Younique brand, lately.Β Necessary to make our eyes pop! How else will you flutter your eyes and make everybody melt?
  4. Highlighter. Radiant skin is a must! Put it strategically on your face and everybody will be jealous of your cupid’s bow! Yes, you can enjoy it and secretly smile!mascara highlighter
  5. Lipstick. You used the highlighter, now you need to accent those babies! My two favorite of the month are the Elf, matte lip color 82464 Praline 5F02CX and the Chanel 437 Empreinte.Β lipstick
  6. Blush. Trust me, you need some color on those cheekbones! You will look so adorable and feel fierce! Nars has amazing colors and their prices are affordable!
    blush nars
    This link is taking you to the sephora page, for blushes! Go, ahead! Browse! See how many options there are?
  7. Eyeshadow. I love the combination palettes. Dior, once again, has amazing eyeshadows. This is the 790, night dust. Your eyes will thank you! Nothing says “I have my life together”, like getting in the office with make up on point! Work it!
  8. Concealer. It is a requirement, if you want to look awake! Use them in a triangle shape under your eyes and be gone dark eye circles! I use the Mary Kay, Ivory 2.
  9. Brow pencil or gel. If you have little hair or a lot, you will need to keep them nicely groomed, pampered and yes, under control!Β eyeshadow browgel concealer
  10. Smile! Girl, you look fabulous! Get your coffee and smile, because that is the best make up you have!

18 thoughts on “Must haves for everyday make up.

  1. I love Mary Kay foundation. It gives me a smooth and matte finish which I like. Although, I stopped using it because I think it contributes to my clogged pores but I’m not really sure. Maybe I’ll try using it again and see if there’s a difference.

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  2. Yes we all have been there, 15 min rush to work. And an easy base makeup and products are essientiel for a quick but great makeup when you are in a rush! Thank for introducing me some of the product that I am not aware of!

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  3. Ha ha, blush that makes you look adorable and feel fierce has got to be the best description I have ever heard of what blush can do for me. I love your sense of humour! Great post.

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  4. While I don’t have to go to an office per se, my makeup routine has always been on the minimal side. In fact, it includes not much more than you listed here. Some moisturizer, mascara, and lipgloss .. ready to face the day! x

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  5. Since I work from home I do not have to rush in the morning but that being said I still try to get up early. I also don’t wear makeup every day, only occasionally. But all your picks are my must haves to for when I do my makeup.

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