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Get in my closet.


Winter Wear Must Haves, Girl’s Version!

Are you starting on a new wardrobe? Trying to figure out what are the basic pieces you should own? Or maybe are you trying to downsize, because every time you open your closet, it looks something out of a before picture in an organizing site? Don’t lie to me, I can see right through you! I am a firm believer of an organized closet. Now, I know. Who has the time to go through and clean out their precious clothes? But, your neon color pair of pants, is at its best a part of your Halloween costume or in better words, it just belongs in the 80’s! Fashion might always be updating, but a classic style will never be outdated. So, if I motivated you at all, take a peek on this post. Here are some of the must haves for your winter wear (33 to be exact), separated in 7 categories, with some pictures from my personal inventory, in order to help you on your journey!


(8 in total)

1) 1 button up shirt. You could get yours from JCPenny. They usually have some great deals! I would go with a neutral color, to match it with everything!

2) 1 simple pullover sweater. Everyday wear and versatile!SWEATER SIMPLE

3) 1 statement sweater. Show your true self and have fun with it! You will be wearing it all day, mind as well feel like a million bucks!SWEATER STATEMENT

4) 1 silk/ dressy shirt. You can use it for both your office and a night out and you can look fabulous! Mine is Alfani brand. Isn’t it adorable?pink alfani shirt better quality

5) 1 simple shirt. For winter, I would advise you to go with a long sleeve and/ or turtleneck. Feel cozy and stylish at once!

6) 2 t-shirts. For the days you want to lounge around your home, or hit the gym. Stop laughing, people do that!

7) 1 hoodie. How else would you enjoy your morning walks or go to the grocery store and look like you tried?



(5 in total)

1) 1 black pair of pants. The chameleon of your wardrobe!BLACK PANTS

2) 1 pair of jeans. Some things are just necessary for one’s closet. Jeans are probably the biggest one! Besides, they can keep your legs so warm!

3) 1 pair of joggers or sweatpants. They can be used for working out, or you can call them your “eating pants” and feel so comfortable stuffing your mouth with that delicious turkey!

4) 2 pairs of tights. Get them in both black and your skin tone, for your dresses! They will come in handy!



(2 in total)

1) 1 little black dress. Trust me, it will be your most prized item! I got mine from Dressbarn and I adore it!BLACK DRESS

2) 1 work appropriate dress. For the days that pants are leg prisons!WORK DRESS



(3 in total)

1) 1 neutral color blazer. You will look sharp and in control! You look professional now, please don’t start talking about your collection of stuffed animals, that you so proudly put on your bed every day!

2) 1 neutral color cardigan. CARDIGAN

3) 1 long wool cardigan. I chose a not so boring version. You are supposed to have basic pieces, not monotonous. red cardigan

4) 1 coat. So many options out there, pick and choose! It’s cold, so you better get your warm on!



(4 in total)

1) 1 pair of boots. As a starting point I would go with black, brown or grey. They can simply put an outfit together!

2) 1 pair of high heels. You want to go out, but had to work late. You basically have five minutes in your car, to change your work outfit to its fancier version before you get in the pub, so what do you do? Put on some killer heels, that you so religiously keep in your Volvo (yes, it has happened before), and pair it with a seductive lipstick and you are ready to go!

3) 1 pair of flats. Your feet will thank you; And thank you, and thank you. It’s not your fault that your girlfriends decided to go clubbing last night after the pub!

4) 1 pair of sneakers. I have a mild obsession with Nike. Their shoes variety is amazing! And you can continue the delusion that you will eventually use them for running. Probably running to get your ice cream in the frozen area. As always, no judging!



(2 in total)

1) 1 everyday handbag. It hurts me to say just one. But, if you are just starting get a nice leather black purse, that could go with most your outfits and shoes!leather purse

2) 1 night out clutch. Sparkly, bold or any combination you want, go ahead! You will turn heads, darling!blue clutch


(8 in total)accessories

1) 1 watch. Time will not slip away, if you keep track of it on your wrist. Go wild!

2) 2 necklaces. I would opt for a long and a short one.

3) 2 pairs of earrings. Again, preferably I would choose a small pair, such as pearls, and a longer style.

4) 1 binie. See my previous post, Happy Popsicle, on how to keep warm and stylish at the same time!

5) 1 pair of gloves. They keep your precious fingers company! They deserve a Shout out!

6) 1 scarf. I love big and chunky ones!!

Now, you can shift through your closet or check online and see what you need! It’s always fun! All this, while sipping on your favorite wine or coffee (Coffee addicts raise your hands)! Hope you guys liked the tips! If you have any of your own, let me know. I will, soon, be making a post on how to combine outfits and get the most out of all your closet! If you tried it, let me know what you think and good luck!

Kallia Manika


6 thoughts on “Get in my closet.

  1. I have so many sweaters it’s not even funny. One time I counted and I think it was 20-something. Anyway, moving into sweater weather is my favorite time of year!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that cardigan, plaids and colors that pop are my go to for outfits! being that I live in MN I have a TON of warm weather clothing, I LOVE cozy sweaters to curl up in, my fave!
    great line up of clothing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love it! I have been debating a capsule wardrobe for quite some time. I may or may not still have my high school prom dresses in the back of my closet….and a reunion or two later….I should probably trash those. I love the tone and confidence of the post. Very inspiring for me to go through my closet.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I admit I never think about all of the necessities for every season in my closet. Although I would like to pare down the amount of clothing that I have. This definitely gets me to thinking about something I can do.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You are ready for the season and you have a nice selection of clothing to wear.
    I don’t shop anymore as I have enough stuff to open a store. I love fall clothing so it’s tempting.

    Liked by 1 person

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