Pinterest, you said?

Yay! Two weeks of blogging are completed! I am so excited! Today, I decided to share my last 5 Pinterst pins in my DIY board with you! People that know me, understand my obsession with it. I have my whole life, individually planned in neat boards and I can dream of the day I will make my house look like heaven, for almost no cost, of course! Insert laughter here, because my crafts skills could get me so far!pinterest

1.DIY Valentine’s Day decoration.Valentine’s day is right around the corner! Thinking of doing this! If you guys want me to, I will post a tutorial!

2. 39 easy ways to create art for your walls. Buzzfeed has amazing ideas! Look at all this sparkles!!

3.Hearts and buttons on canvas art. They are precious, cheap and so easy!! They could dress up my office so nicely!

4.Updating your bathroom with shelving. This tutorial is giving some great input! A girl can dream!

5.Mr. and Mrs Sign. She did it over a weekend, with hobby lobby material! I can do this, right?

Pictures and links are taken from Pinterest. Thank you fellow bloggers! You are awesome! What are your last pins? Feel free to leave a comment!

Kallia Manika

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