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Puppy Eyes

Good morning early birds! Cold today, again! I know, I didn’t want to get out of bed either! But here I am, coffee in hand, blanket over my shoulders, eyes squinting and just took my dogs out. As I was shivering, apparently the warm beverage hasn’t kicked in just yet, I realized that I haven’t introduced to you my fur babies,

Jasper (boy)

jasper glasses

and Sophie (girl)sophie2

They are two of the most adorable, fabulous and awesome black labs you will ever see! Conceited much, you are probably wondering. But look at them! Those goofs never fail to make my day! They have favorite blankets, toys (squeaky balls are the best choice always and forever) and spots to lay and they are the best cuddle buddies! They came into my life almost four years ago, when I met my husband. He had them since they were puppies, but in my eyes, even at the age of 3 at the time, they were little babies. It’s something about those eyes! They talk and see right through you! I am a dog person and most likely, in a party, I will first become friends with your dog. So, you can see my excitement! With time, I learned all their tricks (They taught me, who am I kidding?) and paid attention to the small details.

Sophie, if she was a person, she would be a crazy cat lady. I am not joking! She wants to play with them all the time, though our kitties do not share her enthusiasm. -Fellow cat people, another introductory post on our cats will be coming soon, I promise!- The funniest thing she does is when she tries to hop on the couch. We were trying to teach them to get up, with us, only on command, but guess what. Our plan didn’t actually succeed. This girl, chooses to put her two front legs on the couch and looks the other way until you stop looking at her. The moment she gets her chance, doesn’t miss a beat and takes it! And then she looks at you with the biggest question in her look. In her mind, she asked for our permission. No, she doesn’t move after that! To be honest, I wouldn’t ask her to! Jasper, on the other hand, is the kindest soul, but have you ever heard of a black lab being afraid of water and mud? Yep, he is one of a kind! He loves belly rubs and will lay on his back until you pet him. He triumphs every time! His droopy eyes give him a distinctive expression and if you have bacon, he will be your B.F.F! You cannot resist with those eyes! My husband’s favorite story is his growth. Apparently, his head would get bigger, but his body wasn’t getting the memo. I can just see him stumbling all over the place. They are both very sociable and warn us when somebody is at the door. Once we let them in, they get out of their way to show you what they are capable of and how easy it is to love them! When I am getting ready to give them treats, they are competing each other on who sits first! They are hilarious to watch. But, most importantly, they are family. They have emotions, loyalty and are always eager to make you happy! They never expect anything from you and the love that they give you is pure. My favorite story to tell that involves both of them is when I was sick and home alone. I was running a fever and shaking. Both of them climbed on the bed and brought the blankies closer and warmed me to the point my fever broke. They never left my side and I felt so content and peaceful! All dogs no matter the age, deserve our attention and affection. Take care of them, don’t neglect them. If you think they look sick, take them to the vet’s. They can’t drive themselves. No breed is a bad one. Treat them with the equal respect. Don’t take advantage of them. Spent that extra 10 minutes of your day playing in the backyard with them. Trust me, some day you will look back and ask for that extra time, because I hope you know by now, they have a special place in our hearts.dogd door

So, a shout out to my two best buds, with their puppy eyes! You guys rock! No, I don’t mean that rock. What are you doing? Oh, God did you eat that? Open your mouth…

Kallia Manika


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