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White jeans in winter, yay or nay?

White jeans in winter, yay or nay?

I’ll do what I want?

That’s the question, isn’t it? Labor Day has long passed and while looking through your closet, you stare at your favorite pair of white jeans, that looked oh, so good this summer with your Ramones tank top. I just hope you know that Ramones is an actual band. Just kidding! Or am I? But, back to the jeans. You are getting a liitle tired with the whole all black outfit, which, in all fairness, can save you in the days that you just don’t care, or maybe you want to look like you do!  And you remember how these white jeans were perfect on your body. To be honest, it’s a little hard to find, how did you manage that? Be cautious, though. I am not talking about white pants. This, in my opinion, is a big no no! If you are now debating, should I put these jeans on or not, I would say yes. Your light colored leg prisons can be really tricky. Nevertheless, don’t worry! Right below, I have some tips for you to make the most out of it and feel cozy in the cold and heartless days of winter!

  1. Chunky sweaters and cardigans/ blazers. They will make your outfit look stylish, in season and you will be so warm! This way, you save yourself from a common fashion faux pas! Perfect combination.winter whit jeans big sweater
  2. Boots. A must! For the days that you don’t want to get your precious feet wet, but instead, you prefer to keep them cozy! Once again, your outfit will be out of this world!alessandra ambrosio in white jeans black top and black ankle boots interview in the park on november 14 2012
  3. High heels. For the night out or simply because you want to look phenomenal! And you should, you are slaying it!nicole-richie-chloe-white-jeans-blazer-main
  4. Scarves. Wool, silk, long or chunky. Personal style plays a great role in this one. Just be aware, that you are pairing it with a pair of white jeans.pinterest white jeans and scarf in winter
  5. A nice coat. Upgrading your whole attire and giving it the winter vibe that is needed! Success!
    Winter_White_Jeans_ coat
  6. Colors. All of the above have to be a part of specific color scheme. You can leave your neon pink and vibrant yellows or oranges in your summer wardrobe. Not a smart choice to look like you came out of a Coachella Festival! Neutral colors would be one of the best ways to go, like greys, creams, blacks or browns. In case you want a pop of color, I would suggest winter appropriate palettes, such as reds, burgundies or emerald and deep greens.
    54abd593accc2_-_elle-white-wash-opener-tiffany-hsu-v-xlnHow-to-Wear-White-Jeans-in-Winter-6See? You don’t have to be afraid of your favorite pair of white jeans, now! So, next time, don’t cringe. Put it on, be confident and don’t let anybody make you think you are clueless. In fact, you are more fashionable than them! I would drink to that, girl! Let me know if you guys have any other tips, or if you tried it yourselves! It’s always fun to hear your feedback!Kallia Manika

Pictures via Glamour magazineAolStyleCasterPinterestElle.



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