Famous Quote of the Week

Famous Quote of the Week


Konstantinos Kavafis is a great Greek poet that lived through 1863 and 1933. His biggest accomplishment, in my eyes, is his poem “Ithaca” or “Ιθάκη“.  This link will take you to it. Absolutely stunning, in my opinion. I chose this exact phrase for the quote of the week, because I read it last night and I thought it might help someone, in ways it has helped me through my life.

In several occasions, we set our eyes to the grand prize (Ithaca, in this particular poem), but fail to realize that the course, will provide you with the necessary wisdom to succeed. It might take long. I cannot stop and wonder. Is that harmful? I hope it takes long. Just imagine everything you will see, these new adventures and everything you will encounter. You will discover places or even yourself. But that’s it, isn’t it? We get so afraid, that we never take that first step. The road is not paved with pink flowers and sunshine. It might have roses, but be aware; Roses have thorns. Pain and agony is just a part of the journey. And it is so sweet. Because in the end, you will be wiser. You will have seen the other side of the coin. Take as much as you want. Through suffering and loss or happiness and laughter. Find yourself, or find the person you want to share this route. Enjoy it and at last, your story will be spectacular! Be unique and share your intellectual treasures with anyone that will listen. Because you never stop growing. Even if the journey has come to its end, you still have another waiting for you. Don’t focus on the destination. What matters is the journey. Never give up. Keep trying and remember we are our stories. Make it a brilliant one!

Kallia Manika

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