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The struggle is real.

Hey peeps! How are you doing? I hope you are staying warm through this massive Blizzard. He even got a name! Jonas, they call him. Don’t know why he is a guy… Don’t ask, it just came to me. The epic snowstorm! Most are snowed in and feeling cozy by their homes’ warmth. But for the rest of the people, snow or no snow, work is your bread and butter. Like it or not, you will need to be there for the 9 o’clock meeting. Now, you want to look professional. No, just because you show up doesn’t count as professionalism! Have you ever thought about it? The top 5 struggles we have to endure for trying to stay in style during an Elsa outbreak? I still watch Disney, that girl is fierce!

1. Hair problems. You have done your mane perfectly. You are so proud of yourself. Then poof! You go out. By the time you have gotten in the car, Hagrid is asking for his head back! On the other side, hats. Those little minions of bad news, that keep your head toasty, are the epitomy of bad hair day! “No, Bob, a cow didn’t lick my head. I had to wear a binie.” Sigh!frizzy hair snow
Pictures via Mirror UK

2. Attire. Have you ever tried to fit two tank tops and one long- arm shirt underneath a classy blouze? Exactly, it looks tacky. Darling, you cannot wear your hoodie, no matter how much you beg! Sweater and pullovers are your best bet. Dresses during a blizzard are unacceptable, even if they are Dior. Put it back in your closet and wait for its time. We are all in this together.

joey layers funny
Picture via Pinterest.

3. Jewlery. Rings? Noone will see them under your gloves. Necklace? No need, your scarf will bury it or it will destroy your pullover. Your pick! And don’t even think of wearing earrings. They will get tangled and by the end of the day you’ll find yourself sobbing. “Why did I do this to myself” or “How am I going to go through the day” are the most common self loathing questions.
Picture via adlet blog.

4. Shoes. Night out usually means getting to rock your beautiful high heels! Since we established already that dresses are out of the equation, heels go under this category. Boots are your best bet. Ice is not going to be your best friend. In fact, stay in. Get your wine on and watch Netflix. Don’t go out. Make a blanket fort, if need be. Or be like this pug and wear pug slippers!dog-with-doggie-shoes
Picture via Barkpost UK.

5. Layers. A word that can get us in tears. How can you show off your new YSL shirt, when it is under a sweater, two pullovers, your coat and five personal heaters. The struggle is real, people!
Picture via Health on the Run.

Mr. Epic Massive Blizzard Jonas, I don’t like you. Is there someone I can write a complaint letter? Because you have been a very bad kitty! Go to your corner and let us be fashionable! Enough is enough!

Are there any struggles you have to endure, specifically? What did you think of my post? Leave a comment!

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