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Look at my wrist!

Watches have always been in the top of my wish list. Sparkly, big, athletic or any type for the matter are a must. I actually have a big collection and I always want to see it growing. It’s the little (or big) pleasures in life, that put a smile on your face. Today, I am sharing with you the top 10 watches out there, that are best for everyday wear (in my opinion). See if you like them! I know I am checking my wallet every so often, secretly wishing I won the lottery, because some of these beauties would cost me an arm and a leg!

1. Folli Follie.

Chrysallis Watch.

At the fair price of 70 Euros (It’s on discount now), it could be yours. Plus, it has butterflies, sparkles and would go just lovely with your winter attire! The Folli Follie website has so many options!folie folie watch

2. Nautica.

Analog Watch for Women.

I really like it you guys, especially in purple, it’s a statement! Their website has beautiful pieces! Btw ladies, you can always stop by the men’s collection! They are so gorgeous and who says only men can wear them?! I am talking to the boys of the group now, you are LUCKY! Here is an example of the amazing watches Nautica produces.

analog nautica watch of google

3. Fossil.

Original Boyfriend Collection.

Look at it! All mechanical and cute! Yes, you are more than welcome to imagine it on your hand! Already ahead of you! Fossil offers a lot of options, men and women and so many collections! I want them all!fossil watch

4. Michael Kors.

The Sawyer Gold-Tone And Embossed-Leather Watch

Enchanting! Deep blues and golds! In love! Doesn’t it look like the night is painted on a watch, or is it just me? Just me? Oh, ok then. Fine, I will stop! But, still it’s adorable! Visit the Michael Kors website and then you tell me if I am wrong!                                                                 watch michael kors

5. Kate Spade New York.

Lovely Mirror Metro Watch.

These babies need to get in my jewlery box. ASAP. They are winking and having cocktails! I mean, they can be my nest (new best) friends! No joke! The Kate Spade site offers a broad variety! So jealous, if you already own one!

watch kate spade

6. Coach.

Is it a bracelet? Is it a watch? It’s both! Such a pretty one! Coach website is offering many options in different styles! coach watch


7. Guess.

I don’t have a favorite! Shocker, I know! I own many Guess watches and they last for so long! Great for every day and they even have sets that are interchangable! The website will take you to their watches for women. For the boys, search on the men’s section, totally worth it!

guess watch

8. Anne Klein.

Macy’s has these collections and that is where I got mine from. Click on this link and you will be amazed! I especially love her bold colored watches!

anne klein watch

9. Marc Jacobs.

Sally Strap.

It looks so classy and would compliment your outfits in such an elegant way! Sigh! I want it so badly! The Marc Jacobs link will take you to their watches section. Eye candy for sure!marc jacobs watch


10. Bulova.

Now, that’s a guilty pleasure. Bulova watches are absolutely fantastic. Durable, elegant and quite truthfully, way out of my budget. But as always, there is nothing wrong with dreaming bigger! I know I said everyday watches, but wouldn’t you wear this beauty any chance you got, if you owned one? I know I would! Mostly for the fact, it would cost more than my rent and food money for a month. Who needs food or electricity! The sparkles of my watch will be just fine! Follow this link, Bulova Website and drool with me! They are gorgeous!


That’s it for today lovies! Let me know what you thought and if you have any favorite everyday watches!

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Kallia Manika

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