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Blogs to See!

Hey you peeps! As promised, these are the featured bloggers and blogs, that commented on my earlier post. I want to take a moment and say thank you for commenting and interacting.

1.Self Actualized Events by Dr Ruth 2point0. Wonderful way of explaining things and sharing her life! The personal humor will bring the reader back for more! I am sure, people and bloggers especially involved with Psychology, such as myself, will want to bookmark or follow this blog!

2. Good Season’n by herbfolks. It’s all about the herbs. Homegrown and the recipes are magnificent! Bloggers that are especially interested in cooking, cooking tips or herbs( you know, that stuff you put on your food to make it delicious!) will follow or bookmark this blog!

3. I Call Earth Home by Ashley. In her words, a travelling Canadian! I love that description. Since I travel around the globe, I will make sure to check her tips on travelling and you should too! If you are especially interested in travelling blogs, don’t miss out on this one!

4. Parmsi by Parmida Hamzeh. She has a wonderful lifestyle blog! Make sure to check her tips and follow or subscribe to her blog, especially if you love fashion, haute couture or trying to find your own style! Fashionable and stylish blog posts with great context.

Thanks guys! If you want, share this post and the blogs! Let’s stay connected!

Kallia Manika in Kallia’s Everyday Talks

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