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Shoe talks!

I love fashion. I love all the glamour that follows it, along with the martinis and canapés that you get in the afterparty of a catwalk. I like making a statement with what I wear, or feel beautiful. Nobody should tell you being unique or different is showing you lack class, or because your body size is not a model’s size 0, that you should feel uncomfortable or to wear that tunic, unless you are into that! It’s perfectly fine! Noone should point the finger and make you feel ugly, or too skinny, or that you wear too much make up. Do you feel confident? Do you look in the mirror and smile with what you see? Then, that’s it. You are perfect. Don’t let people judge you. And if they do, snug them off and laugh. Yes, laugh! Because they d0n’t realize, no matter what they say, they can’t bring you down; No matter how hard they try. Don’t blame them, they are just jealous, darling!

As a bride to be, I am always looking for ways to interpet high fashion and mix it with my personal style. I know, it’s the groom’s day also, but is it really now? So, I chose to pay close attention to the shoes. They come in all sizes, colors and they will be your best friends, but rememeber they can also betray you. You know, blisters and the hateful sense of burning at the end of the night? It’s their way of saying you have had enough cocktails or you might wanna slow down on your dancing, dear, that’s all! The beauties following will steal the spotlight and you will feel like the star of the night!


Pearls are not only meant for your neck, girls!


Sparkles everywhere!


Purple weddings are so sophisticated! They make a great contrast with your white wedding dress!

kate spade

Pink, bows and sparkles. I adore these little pieces of heaven! Kate Spade knows best!


Embellished and blush color. Romantic style brides will love this! Shh.. I secretly do too!


Flowers in your shoes are so much better! ~ Brand: Nine West, Photographer: Riverland Studios ~

blue shoes

Royal blue and satin. Do you see this great shot with the matching ring? Gorgeous!

pink hot

Hot pink everything!

green and silver

Great combo, especially for a spring or summer wedding.


Who says comfortable should not be a part of your wedding? Orange converse all the way!

many together w bridesmaids

Switch it up! Are you a rainbow kind of a gal? Put your ladies in all the colors. Interesting and your personal style will flourish! Bonus points for matching shoes and bouquets for each bridesmaid!


Lace, baby!

till death

How cute is this? American style tattoos on your feet and all the world revolves around you! Plus, it sparkles! I mean, hello?!

summer in greece

Summers in Greece! Memories of happy times, gorgeous islands, crisp colors and great company! A must for your destination wedding!

beach sandal open

For my beach brides, I say let’s go barefoot! Jewlery on your feet and smile on your face!

mischka purple

Absolutely favorite! Feathers make everything look so ethereal! ~ Badgley Mischka ~ Photography: Asya Photography ~

There are so many options and great ideas. I cannot help but wonder if I could use them all… Ok, maybe not! But, still I can look at them and smile, because they make my day a little better! Let me know if you liked them, if you have a favorite of share with me your wedding shoes! Stay fashionable, lovies!

Pictures via:

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Kallia Manika

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