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Cute as a Cupcake

Good morning dears! Second day of February, the spring is almost in our grasps and I just want to make your life a little brighter. I had my early breakfast with my absolute necessity, coffee. For a split second, I could swear I heard a bird sing the song of its people, but I don’t know. So everything is good in Kallia’s World, but there is something missing. CUPCAKES. Yes, cupcakes. Those little fluffy clouds of sugar are my all-time best friends. But, you see the bride-to-be here is on a strict schedule, so I can only think of how awesome they would taste! Attention gentlemen! Valentine’s day is coming up very fast; You might need to start thinking what would be the best choice for your date! No matter if she’s a chocolate or orange flavor kind of a girl, cupcakes will brighten her day. And you get bonus points for knowing what she likes! It’s the little things in life!



Adorable little kitties, for the cat lover!

Recipe and pictures by Craftsy.

orange creamsicle

Recipe and picture for this gorgeous Orange Creamsicle cupcake by The Cake Blog


She’s your sunshine, after all!

Photo and recipe via The Cake Whiz.

starbucks cupcakes

Did I hear Starbucks?!

Picture via GMP & CO.

many together

nothing like a box of cupcakes!

Photo by Marry.

blueberry cupckae

So adorable! And they taste like fresh blueberries!

Photo via The Little Epicurean.


Crowns, because she is your princess!

Photo by Indulgy.

mint choc

Mint, chocolate and flowers!

Picture via Indulgy.

death by chocolate

Who needs diet, when this baby is staring back at you?!

Photo and recipy by The Two Bite Club.

pink cupcake 2

Adorable, ombre and everything cute!

Picture from Buzzle.


You forgot flowers? No problem! Cupcake bouquets all the way!

Photo via Must Have Mom.

Consider yourselves sunshined and cupcaked! Now, go ahead and find your favorite one and maybe indulge in this little sin! Shh… I won’t tell!

Kallia Manika

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27 thoughts on “Cute as a Cupcake

  1. I love your writing style and those pictures of the cupcakes are amazing!
    Makes me hungry,I especially like the bouquet the most and the chocolate and mint…however seeing them all makes me want to try them all!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow!…. some of these cupcake designs are like works of art and its a shame to even bite into them. LOL. However, no one could resist that and I’m sure they were all gleefully eaten. My favourite of all the cupcakes that you showcased are the blueberry cupcakes. I adore them.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. All of these cupcakes are so gorgeous! I’m trying to be better about baking and would LOVE to make the Starbucks cupcakes for my co-workers as a pick-me-up Monday treat. I’ll try this next week and tell you how it goes!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My grandmother had a Graham Cracker cake recipe, it has been the favorite go-to for cupcakes, for I’d say at least 100 years in my family. The most requested birthday cake always. A little flour and crushed up graham crackers (my brother and I used to fight over who got to smash the crackers). Thanks for the memory .. made me smile. x

    Liked by 1 person

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