First date outfits

We all have had first dates. And we all have had a freak out, at least once, trying to pick the great outfit. Yes, we all have stared at a full closet and thought “Oh, I have nothing to wear”. Commonly followed by copious amounts of pacing in your room, while screaming internally. So, peeps Valentine’s day is coming up and I decided to help you out. As long as you follow these Q & A and tips, you will be golden!
1. Where are you going?
This question now is the most tricky one. The destination of your date, will play one of the greatest roles in your attire. You don’t want to feel out of place and you want the first impression to be spectacular. Always, be aware of the time of the day you are going on your date. You don’t want heavy make up in the morning or look like you just rolled out of bed, during dinner time. Now, repeat after me. ” Less is more”. Here are some examples to help you dress properly:

A. Concert:

The timeless jeans and a black T-shirt is the safest way to go. Pair it with your favorite boots and accessories to show your true style! Rock on!

B. Coffee date:


You want to be comfortable, but still want to shine. You might want to opt for a fun everyday, laid back, but still fashionable outfit. Here, you see the combination of polka dot pair of paints with a burgundy sweater. You could, also, pair a black shirt with patterned trousers or black pants and a grey shirt and make a statement with a jacket. Whatever your style, accessories can help your coffee date.
P.S. Bonus points for cat flats! Aren’t they adorable?!

C. Movies:


In love with this outfit! I would not personally wear heels, because if you can avoid them on a first date it’s a great day! Now, bring me the popcorn and enjoy your romantic comedy or horror movie. Besides, you can always cuddle up against each other!

D. Art gallery opening:


For my artsy darlings. That would be such a great first date idea! Congrats on the person for deciding on an alternative. You can go with a total black or let your romantic side come out. Either way, you will look fabulous!

E. Outdoor activity:

You are a lucky gal and you found the person that would go with you on your morning run or rockclimbing. You need to remember that it’s still a date. Dress to impress, even if it means your attire consists of sweats and a hoodie! Minimum make up, but with maximum coverage would be your best bet! Go get them, tiger!

F. Dinner:

Dinner is the best time to make the most out of your outfits. As always, less is more. From dresses, to pants and from flats to heels, make sure to feel fierce. Red lipstick is sometimes the best way to go, for a finished night look. Signature perfume would also insure, you will stay memorable! Not that you need it, of course. Also, high heels are a must! Pain is gain and dear you are slaying!

2. How are you getting to your date?
If you have to walk a long distance or take the bus, then high heels would not be your best bet. Now, if you have to wear heels, try to hold a purse big enough so you can switch from your flats .If you are driving, then all is good!

3. Season. 
Ok, I know it sounds basic, but you do not want to walk after the most romantic dinner and not feel your fingers. Totally ruins the mood.

A. For Winter and Fall, make sure to have a heavier jacket and a scarf.

B. For Spring and Summer, a light jacket will be just fine. Maybe a hat and sunglasses? How about a personal Air Conditioner? Oh, please! We both know that if we could eliminate sweat all together, especially on a first date, life would be so much easier. Who wouldn’t want that?!hat and sunglasses

4. Always use your personal style.
You scored the date of your dreams. You know where you are going. You followed this blog post and you will look à la mode. Now, the only thing left is to be true to yourself and have fun! You want that person to like you for who you are truly! Embrace it and I am sure they will love it!

Stay fashionable,
Kallia Manika

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  1. You know, as much as I love exercise, I never thought about rock climbing or a morning run for a first date, but that’s a great idea. I’m definitely going to consider it in the future!

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