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Famous Quote of the Week

As always, Saturdays are featuring “The Famous Quote of the Week”. Today is a day about love and I love this saying. There were controversial discussions on the originality of Oscar Wilde actually saying it and its authenticity. Either way, I believe that it is beautiful. It is gorgeous and real.

Love can be poetic. Love can suck you in. Love has power. But love is not always easy. Looks can be deceiving and to be quite frank, they are not everything. Money or style doesn’t ensure you will be loved, or that you will lead a happy life. When you fall in love, your true self will come out. Your uniqueness will draw them in. They will dance in your head and twirl your world. They will sing the song that only you can hear and they will hold your hand, in your darkest hours. They will bake cookies with you at 3 am and have long talks during the night, discussing dreams and fears. And they will make you better. They will make you want to be your better version of yourself. Be aware, though. Don’t forget that when you hold that person in your arms you have opened your heart and always remember that they have, also. Don’t hurt them. You don’t know how hard it was for them to give you their key. When you fall in love, it is not a game in order to see who wins and who loses. Dare to love. Love is trouble. It is messy. But love is everything and if you found your true love, your soulmate, don’t let it go. Fight for it. Try to make it greater. Every day is a constant trust fall. Sometimes you get hurt, other times you don’t. Simple as that.

But true love,darling, is worth all the heartache.

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