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Last minute Gifts for Her.

Darling, run! Valentine’s Day is almost here. Obviously, you have got to show your social other you thought about them in advance and remembered to show your love in a unique way. It is your responsibility and you don’t want to show up with boxed chocolates or flowers, that you bought on your way to your date. It doesn’t matter if your boss has you working extra hours and you are exhausted. So, what do you do? You buy something that she would love, or make it, if you can pull it off (money is not always everything) and trust me you will be so kissed. Here are some suggestions that you can make or order online, and of course pay something extra for that fast delivery!



1) Bracelet from Etsy.
It is described as “Latitude Longitude Bracelet, Personalized Gift, Custom Coordinates Jewelry, Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet”. How great would it be if your girlfriend, fiancee or wife received this gorg piece of jewlery and it was especially personalized for you two?! Ideas for latitude and longtitude: Place of your First date, First kiss or where you fell on that knee and asked for her beautiful hand in marriage! Bonus points are about to be cashed out, sir!etsy bracelet

2) His and Hers Matching Set Couple Titanium “Only You Have My Key” Bangle Bracelet from Amazon. 
Trust me she will love it and you can show of your romantic side! Win all the way! This following picture is showing details on the bracelet and the matching his and hers

3) Necklace from Etsy. You forgot flowers? It’s okay. Save it by saying “I will love you until the one around your neck withers”. Fingers crossed she will fall for it!rose gold necklace

4) Diamond Earrings by Kay.
Now, if you want to pay something extra, these babies will be a perfect gift for her. Diamonds are a girl’s best friends for a reason!
kay diamond earrings

5) Rings.  If you are planning on giving your other half a ring for Valentine’s Day, congratulations, but I suggest you find the ring that suits her character best. A great option is this heart ring in 10K rose gold by Zales.


It delivers by Valentine’s Day and it comes in all her favorite colors! Yes, you can breathe now! The Overstock website has some great options and at great prices. There are clothes that will be at your hands by the time Valentine’s Day comes around and you can pat yourself in the back for doing such a great job. Here are some examples with links on the pictures.



2) Top.
It is embellished, in many colors and fabulous piece of clothing. And it is on sale now, in Overstock!

3) Shoes. 

A woman that knows fashion, without a doubt, will fall head over heels for a pair of classy Louboutins! Timeless and in red, the most amazing combination for the woman that stole your heart! This link will take you to one of the most amazing gifts! Sigh… A dream!
christian louboutin

Make up & Perfumes:

Sephora is a safe haven. Anything from this store is acceptable and very welcomed. Good job, dear! She will love it! Some suggestions to help you pick are the following.

1) Kat Von D Set.
I adore it and she will too! Make sure to get it to match her complexion. Maybe, you want to casually ask her best friend about it! She will be glad to help!                                                       kat von d

2) Urban Naked Palette.
A must for all the girls out there! I know eyeshadows are not your specialty, but if you decide to get her this one, she will be so excited!

urban decay

3)Bobbi Brown Art Stick Trio.
A set for her lips!
bobbi brown

4) Perfumes. Now this will be tricky, if you are not there to smell them or if you don’t know what her favorite ones are. Don’t panic. I will give you some timeless suggestions, that will make a statement and she will wear it and feel amazing!

Links for the perfumes:
Prada, Candy.
Versace, Bright Crystal.
Lancome, La Vie Est Belle.
Christian Dior, J’adore.
Dolce&Gabbana, The One.

Victoria’s Secret:

It is a section by itself. From lingerie to perfumes, the variety is big and keeps your beloved’s heart warm and fuzzy. Anything from the heaven sent store is an awesome present. Besides, this is a gift for two. You know it and I know it! The link prior will take you to the main section of the online store. You can order it from anywhere! But, please hurry! It’s almost time!

Some lingerie choices:

Some of my personal favorite fragrances:


Homemade Card: card

Trust me this will shed a tear on her pretty face and she will feel how much thought and effort you put into that. Click Here. The link will take you to her website. Lia Griffith has an amazing tutorial on her website. It will show you how you could make it. Pinterest has some great suggestions. Don’t be afraid to DIY. Even if you take a simple piece of paper, draw a heart and put the love you feel in some words, she will cherish it and you can see the happiness in her eyes. Maybe write an open letter fo her on your social media? I did something similar for my husband on ” An Open Letter to my Husband” for our anniversary and I have never seen the reaction he had! This is why you are doing all this. Because they are worth it and you know it!

What is your favorite? What would you buy or DIY as a last minute gift to your social other? Let me know what you think and if you have a moment check my Facebook PageTwitter and Pinterest!

Kallia Manika


8 thoughts on “Last minute Gifts for Her.

  1. I love DIY things. I mean I think it’s perfect for someone who is short with money and the one reciving it will see how much someone actually put an efforitin it. Maybe it’s even better than buying something expensive you know? Great post btw, have a great week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much! I love crafts and if you DIY a gift for your social other, I believe it shows how much you care. It doesn’t matter if you are good or not, it’s the thought that counts!

      Liked by 2 people

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