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Leggings, are they pants?

Ladies, we all have questioned this, at least one. These babies are so comfortable and have a special place in our hearts. They can be worn for lounging around your place, while eating pizza, or even at your next meeting! But, if you don’t wear them in the proper way, they could result in tacky outfits. Trust me, you do not want that. They are not offensive and worn in the appropriate way, they appear to lengthen your legs and give you the sleek look! So, how do you help yourself on that matter? Sometimes, the celebs are showing you the way! There are some easy tips you could follow and darling, you will look as classy as easy is it to wear the skin tight pants!


Long, especially, are your best bet. Chunky ones are amazing for cold winter days!

sweater 4sweatersweater 2

Blake Lively on Seventeen.
Ashley Tisdale  on Glamour UK Fashion.
Gigi Hagid on Who to Wear.


Buttoned up shirt.

That is how you can get away with wearing it as your bussiness attire, but also, for getting that beer afterwards with your buddies! Two of my favorite options, for sure!


white shirtplaid shirt in ebay

White buttoned up Shirt on In Fashion Daily
Plaid buttoned up on Ebay for $58.

Cardigans and Blazers.

In my opinion, blazers and cardigans put together an outfit. It is that piece, that even if you pair it with a total neutral outfit, you will shine! In love with how a la mode this missoni cardigan is!

charlize pink
Source: Zimbio website

Kim K. Blazer on Denim Blog.
Olive colored blazer.
Rachel Zoe Wearing Missoni Cardigan on Upscale Website.


Get the most out of your pair of leggings and pair it with some of your favorite accessories! I adore all these options. In the summer, you might not want to wear your sleek leg prisons with a binie. Perhaps a hat for the hot sun would be great! Stylish and covering up a bad hair day! Win!!purse grey


striped turtleneck // black leggings // boot socks // Tory Burch riding boots // Clare V leopard clutch


Look with grey purse by Ful Chic website
Sunglasses and gold shoes by Walk in Wonderland
Last look by Style Estate.
Necklace by The Precious Agate on Etsy

Exercising Attire.

You are commited on hitting that gym. Why not look fabulous, while running on that treadmill?!

Kylie Jenner by Glamour Health
Top from Express website.
Plus size style activewear by 21 in the Odyssey Online website.

Boots, flats or heels.

You need the necessary shoes for your favorite leggings! Here are some suggestions, that are super cute and stylish!

Source via: ProjectFab.Tumblr.Com website

brown boots
Source by: TeaPartyInBoston website

flats pastels
Source by: J Crew pastel flats


Featured picture by Express website.
Let me know what you guys thought and if you have a favorite!

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Stay fashionable,
Kallia Manika


36 thoughts on “Leggings, are they pants?

  1. well you sure touch the heart with this post. First of all, the items mentioned are totally me, then the question of leggings, my mind says probably not trousers, but my heart says heck yea trousers! so il go with, depends the type of leggings, material and how you style it 🙂 love this post!

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  2. I’m such a sucker for my leggings and wear them nearly every day. They’re so easy to dress up or down. During the day I’ll wear them with tennis shoes and a simple tee. If we go out somewhere at night, it’s easy to dress them up with a pretty sweater or jacket. Whoever decided to make them is my hero! x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Leggings are definitely comfortable, but I don’t prefer them for formal or official meetings. Yes, the way you have shown how it can be paired with nice sweaters, cardigans, shirts and accessories gives me fashion tips for next party. Thanks xo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I would say they are not pants and certainly look awkward or elegant depending on the way we wear them. I have seen ladies teaming leggings with short tops or sweaters and looking cloddish. It’s really all about how we style them. Great suggestions!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m the kind of person who will tell you that leggings aren’t pants until I’m blue I the face…only to obsess over people who wear them with sweaters! I admit that nothing can look wrong if it’s paired with an oversized sweater 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Every picture here shows the unique and trendy fashion statement. Thanks for sharing. Yes, leggings are perfect from every point of view like comfortable and easy to wear, and great for dressing up or down.

    Liked by 1 person

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