Famous Quote of the Week

Famous Quote of the Week

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. All around us. We decide to use them constantly. For every little thing. We feed the need to validate the reasons on why we chose the “later” instead of the “now”. The lack of motivation is a very unpleasant place to be. I understand, there are days that there is a certain melancholy in the air and nothing seems entertaining. We all have them, just make sure you don’t stay in that stasis. The more you postpone whatever is important for you, the more you put off life. “Later” gradually becomes “never” and you are at a state of panic. Where has my life been? Where is it going? What do I have to show for? Well, it has gone somewhere between your behind-the-desk job and the boyfriend that is no good for you. It has left the building when you said “no” to your dreams and never took that trip to Australia, because it’s easier to stay immobile. It’s because you said “I will start dieting and gym on Monday”. It’s because you have the “later” mentality. STOP! Move forward and while always having your mind in the game, flourish. Make mistakes. Learn. Trip, but get back up. Life is now and it’s waiting for you. Love. Beyond and above. Put on the red, leather jacket you want (no matter how much it pains me to say so) and put a big smile on your face. Dance in the rain and kiss like there is no tomorrow. Take the job you always wanted. Paint and show your artistic side. Say what you believe. Don’t be afraid. Find your center and happy place. Follow your heart. Remember your soul should never grow old. Stay a child at a heart, but grow up as a personality. Evolve. Learn. No matter what, do it now. No more excuses, kiddo. The only loser is you, in the end. Inspire others with your attitude. Seize this gorgeous life and do it fast! It is waiting for you and it so fashionably fabulous!

Kallia Manika

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5 thoughts on “Famous Quote of the Week

  1. Very true! Later never comes so if we are thinking of something good then do it today. Because living in present moment is necessary instead of postponing things for future.

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