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Liebster Award

Yes, ladies and gentlemen I was nominated for two Liebster Awards and I am so excited. Liebster Awards are important for small blogs and focus on them. The amazing people who nominated me for this, were Celina Tolbert on Quirking it Out and Starr Elizabeth on starrelizabeth. Make sure you stop by their blogs! Both are fabulous and worth reading! Sending love and a Shoutout to both of you!! So, while I am doing my happy dance I will answer their questions and if I nominate you, you should to. It is an amazing opportunity and I feel very honored! Thank you ladies!

The rules are very simple:

  • You have to nominate 11 new bloggers.
  • You answer the 11 questions that have been asked from your nominator and then you ask your nominees 11 questions, of your choice!
  • On your new post, make sure to give the credit to your nominator. This is how we all get connected!
  • Have fun and enjoy! We are all new, after all!

Now, because I was nominated twice, I will nominate 22 bloggers, answer 22 questions, but ask you only 11 questions. I thought it might be a little less confusing that way. Here we go.


Questions by Quirking it Out:

  1. What inspires you?
    My dogs, fashion and my goal to put sunshine in everyone’s life.
  2. If you could visit me in Paris, what is one thing we’d have to do?
    Go for coffee and shop till we drop!!
  3. What is your biggest goal with your blog?
    I would love to do it professionally! There so many possibilities out there!
  4. What is your biggest fear?
    Snakes. Cliché, I know!
  5. Poor and travelling all the way. Because are you really wealthy, if your mind is not expanded and you are both mentally and physically stuck?!
  6. Donuts or coffee? Tough one! Do I really have to choose? Well, I guess coffee. It is a necessity to jump start my day.
  7. Most embarrassing moment? Too many. I would have to say the day I realized I was saying “thank you” the wrong way in italian. Funny thing is I have friends who live there! Yep.
  8. How do you start your day? Step 1. Actually wake up. Step 2. Do my 15 min working out routine. Step 3. Drink water and coffee. Step 4. Read and browse. Step 5. Get ready!
  9. What do you do when you don’t feel like writing? Making jewlery, playing with my dogs, drink coffee.
  10. What’s the absolute best thing to watch on Netflix?
    Gossip Girl, Arrow and Flash!
  11. Which of your dreams/goals scares you?
    It scared me to come for studies in the States and I did it. In a way, everything is welcomed and now I know no matter how much it scared me I can do this!!


Questions by starrelizabeth:

  1. Whats the one song that’s been stuck on repeat in your head lately?
    Rude by MAGIC! An oldie, but still love it!
  2. Why did you start your blog?
    I believed it was time to make a change.
  3. What’s the best TV show or movie you’ve seen recently?
    Arrow and Gossip Girl. Netflix binge watched them, would be the perfect description!
  4. Who’s your biggest inspiration? My mom. I want to make her proud. She has done everything for me, she deserves it!
  5. Where’s one place you want to travel to before you die?
  6. What’s your dream job?
    Behavioral Analyst and Lifestyle Blogger at one of the big magazines!
  7. If you could do anything for the next 24 hours, what would you do?
    See my family, have a pedi and go to a romantic dinner with my husband.
  8. What’s the goal for your blog?
    I want, whoever stops to by get a little more happy and wants to come back for more!
  9. If you were a cartoon character, what would be your signature outfit?
    Leggings, heels and scarves, like every day a new one. That would be my thing! “Miss Supreme Scarf”!
  10. Do you have any pets? What are their names? When did you get them?
    Yes, I do. Two lovely puppies, they go by the names of Sophie and Jasper. My husband had them, before I met him and now I am their dog mommy! Also, a cat that goes by the name “Princess”. Cause, she is one! She is a rescue, that was abused in the past and she is spoiled rotten now! As I always say, it’s not home, without cold,wet noses and hair left on your clothes!
  11. How has your week been?
    Like every other day, life happens. Both ups and downs, but I will make sure nothing brings me down!!

My nominations (Remember, I have to nominate 22, you only have to nominate 11):

  1. Confident Beauty
  2. Mr. Suttons
  3. Zebbery
  4. Lost In Fashion
  5. Christina Bihari
  6. Hippie Goth
  7. Travelling Fashionista
  8. Delia Stetco
  9. Born to Blend
  10. Bonus Soulfood
  11. Fancier World
  12. So Far, So Sabine
  13. Vlad Vaida
  14. Cappuccino Connected
  15. Gracie’s World
  16. Am I here or what?
  17. Kah Choon’s Blog
  18. Musings of an Insomniac
  19. Pack your Bags
  20. Miss Moore Style
  21. The Artful Attempt
  22. We are not exclusive

My questions for you:

  1. What is your fashion/ style icon?
  2. What is your biggest regret?
  3. If you could change one aspect of your life, what would it be?
  4. What is your thought process when you write a blog post?
  5. Where is your favorite destination?
  6. The three things, that are a necessity for your daily routines.
  7. What is your favorite movie?
  8. Chocolate cake or Fruit Pie/ Cake?
  9. What is your favorite perfume/ cologne?
  10. What would you say to your younger self, if you could?
  11. What is your favorite memory?


Thank you all darlings! Hope you enjoy it and now, get to writing! If you have a moment check my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Pinterest.

Stay fashionable,
Kallia Manika

17 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. I love reading through all these kinds of posts. It gives you a better picture about the person who writes, the one behind the computer screen.

    <3: Jasmin N |

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