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Where is your flower?

Spring is coming. I repeat… Spring is coming!

The day you leave the house with sunglasses and no binies, gloves and scarves (unless it is a necessary accessory), you have a sudden realization. Everything you went through your winter daily routine; Chapped lips, dry skin, red cheeks and the horrible feeling of turning into an onion, just to go get groceries, is about to be over! Happy dance! Windows are open, heat is off and my favorite part of this season is about to begin. Flowers everywhere! Full bloom and greenery and as always it comes at a cost, for the least fortunate, like myself. Allergy season, darlings! Despite all, I want to motivate you, to go out there and get some pretty flowers for you, your significant other or your mom! See how I put a motivation Monday post, here? Babies, everything can change overnight and nothing is for granted. Positive thinking and a couple smiles never hurt anyone. Here is some inspiration to brighten your day, night and week!


Photographer : mrsandersmusic

tulips-933428_960_720purple gradientblue rose-843393_960_720pink ranunculuspink roseranunculusyellow-orangepeonies-772217_960_720All we can do in life, is to take a deep breath and keep going. Why not do it with some beautiful blossoms in our arms and sunshine in our minds? So, where is your flower, sweetie?

Stay fashionable,
Kallia Manika

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