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Who are you?

How many times have you asked that question? How many times you simply had no answer? Or if you did, was it one you would not want to reply? Did somebody encourage you to lose weight, because you look a little “chunky” lately? Have you heard the phrase “Uh, eat something, you look like a stick”! If that is the case, you have stopped at the right place.

Hello, everybody! It’s been a little while. All this time I have been trying to change specific aspects of this blog and I hope you will adore them! As you know, the category I fall under is lifestyle. It gives me the appropriate freedom to talk about all my favorite subjects, such as fashion and make up! Yes, it is an addiction. At least I am admitting it; Isn’t that the first step? Okay, focus! I love my blog and enjoy writing. I want to start taking gorgeous photos and show you my world. But, that’s just not enough for me.

As a woman with curves, it is very easy to get judged. Now, that does not mean that I let ignorance control my life, but it is just not pleasant. I have heard everything and even though it does not phase me anymore, I am sure, at least once in your life, you have been in a situation that felt you were being judged for who you are, how you look or how you feel. I am here to tell you that you should never apologize. Your true self is radiant and you are beautiful. No matter what people say, do not let them bully you. You are a beautiful and majestic animal and you can have the world wrapped around your finger!

So, the question popped in my head. Why not take a stand? I decided that I will focus on positive body image fashion and lifestyle. There is a great amount of negativity out there and I want to bring some sunshine, darlings! At times, it will be personal. But,Β I would love to hear your stories. I want to see your side of the stories. Because the only person that can define who you are, is you! Stay tuned, the journey has begun!!

Stay fashionable,
Kallia Manika

Photo Credit:Β Pixabay by besobrooks.

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