I’m back!


I would like to make an announcement, to all my beautiful souls. 
I had made a conscious decision, for personal reasons, this past April, to take a break from blogging, in order to read and learn more about myself. It was a difficult one, but now I know what I need to do, what my goals are and that gave me a refreshing purpose!  I want to thank you, my readers and followers, for your faith in me, your willingness to keep following me and all the loving and positive messages I have received. I want you to know they haven’t gotten unnoticed and they are more appreciated that you could imagine! And now, about πŸ™Œ The blogπŸ™Œ . The blog is up and running and very soon I will be posting new ones! The main focus on @kalliaseverydaytalks πŸ’Ž will be beauty in everyday life and making a point for equal beauty regardless the various characteristics, body types etc. We are all gorgeous and radiant and if I even put a little sparkle back in your life, through my articles, I have fulfilled my wish.  Stay classy and keep in touch!! Love to all,
Kallia Manika😘

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