Music for the Mind

Hey, you guys! 1st of October!! Yes, get you boots out, your coats and scarves and eat all the apple pies your heart desires! Today, I was looking for beauty in our every day lives. And I found it. In music. I have been involved with singing since I was little. I have been lead singer in many bands and even though now I’m taking a break(not for long, but shhh… This is a matter for another time), music is my peaceful place on this rock, we call Earth. I enjoy all kinds of music. Rock, metal, pop, opera, alternative and so on. One of my biggest loves, though, has been the style of music that speaks in my mind. The one that feeds it and strengthens it. The one that is palpable and passion ridden. My spotify app is my best friend in days like this. And if I’m listening to it, you be sure my whole neighborhood listens to it, as well! So, today I’m sharing with you some playlists, that I whole heartedly recommend to all of you!

~~Playlists on my Spotify:

  • Music for the mind
  • Music for the mind 2
  • Relaxing music for the mind.

I decided to search music for the mind and under “songs”, the following are stuck in repeat:

  • Welcome the Fall- boomaga
  • Fantasy in the Closet – Castille
  • The Human Race- Stephan Kartenberg
  • Music for Dancing Mind- Matthew Halsall – On The Go (Special Edition)
  • Almost Remember -Dennis Kuo.  Study Music Project
  • The Concetrated Mind – Anzan, Thomas Walker
  • Clouds – The Mind of the (Re) Wind

My pick for today is from the playlist: Violin 100: Spotify Picks by Spotify :

  • Le Quatro Stagioni 

Do you have any favorite ones? Would you put these picks in your spotify now? Let me know in the comment section, darlings!

Stay classy (and keep listening to some awesome music),

Kallia Manika


10 thoughts on “Music for the Mind

  1. That’s so awesome that you can sing I wish I could lol. My brother has a band. I’ve never listened to mindful music to be honest, usually if I meditate it is in silence but I like your idea better

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  2. I went gift shopping this weekend for a friend who collects records. Found a few good ones for her, but found so many more that I wanted for myself! (Good thing I don’t have a record player at the moment.) 🙂 Glad you found some additions to your playlists!

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