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Another year around the Sun


Birthday, Birthday, Birthday. It is all fun and games, until you get to the aging part some would say.

There are many traditions that one might have on their birthday. Usually, involving a cake, a song, flowers and balloons or if you are a lucky one, your favorite people and a bouncy house. It is for all ages, it says so on the packaging, I believe. But why are people so afraid to get older? What drives them away from the major proof that they lived, breathed and walked this Earth? Is it fear of failure? Maybe a fear of death? Perhaps it is neither or it could be both. I have to assume that it varies from one individual to the other.

Today, marks another year around the Sun for this girl. I am turning 25 and when you hit that quarter of a century mark, you cannot help but wonder. Not panic, no, I didn’t say panic, now did I ?! Ok, moving on… You start questioning what you could have done differently. Maybe a left turn became a right at the last minute and now here I am; Living my life day by day, grocery shopping, reading and sleeping. But, in a way, isn’t that the gift of life? You make choices, tiny or grand, every day and the whole cosmos revolves around you. You. You are your own future and you can manipulate it which ever way you wish. Of course, when you decide, at that moment, commonly you have no idea of the repercussions and what it entails for you. That comes later, when you have, oh I don’t know, finally met the one and you are sitting on your couch, watching cartoons on a lazy Sunday and cannot help but wonder which choice made you so lucky? Which was the moment that brought you to him, to your present?
Because you want to go back and make sure that girl, the girl that turns 25 today, the Greek girl in an American town with two black labs and a fabulous husband, makes the same choice every time.
Because you are exactly where you are supposed to be, you know it in your heart.
Because you are loved from people in different continents and on your birthday they remember you and send you their love across the globe.
Because your family and friends are always there for you and support you, no matter what.
Because you and your loved ones are healthy.
Because you know your degree is right around the corner.
Because you have God in your life.
Because yes, you age, every day, but that is the biggest blessing. Not everyone gets to the aging part. Not everyone is lucky enough to be around their loved ones and make memories and you do every day and you should be thankful of your choices.

On my birthday today, I want to thank you all for showing me that my choices have brought me to this glorious present and I would like to remind you all that every day is a blessing. Use it and see it as it is, a gift. As a conclusion, I would like to add, that while you select what is the best for you, I would advise you to not be afraid. Yes, don’t get me wrong, try your best, fight for what you believe, set goals but do not have them rule your life. Don’t see, for instance, losing a job as a failure, look at it from a different point of view. Picture it as an opportunity. You are now able to make new choices and make a brighter future for youself. Move to the bigger city you always wanted or get that degree you always said you will. No matter what comes your way, remember, it is your choice and love the person you are now. If you don’t love yourself, the alternative is far too cruel, when you have been given the greatest gift among the stars. LIFE.

Thank you and love to all!!

Kallia Manika

~~ Image by Snapshots by Shannon ~~


24 thoughts on “Another year around the Sun

  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday! Enjoy 25 .. but don’t fear getting older. I swear it only gets better. Maya Angelou has said many times that her 70s and 80s were her favorite and most productive decades.

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  2. Birthdays are tricky things – I think the reason that people fear them is that it reminds them of their own mortality and people are scared of the ageing process! I hope you enjoyed your one though – I always love my birthday!

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    • It was a blast, thank you very much! Yes, I believe that the fear of aging has various underlying issues that when one faces them, should really focus on the reasoning behind them! Cheers!


  3. This has to be the best birthday post I’ve seen in a long time. I love that you’ve embraced who you are. Self love is one of the best gifts that we can give ourselves.

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  4. Happy birthday! 25 indeed is a big step milestone and it does makes you reflect on your life: how it’s been so far and where is it going to. And reflect on your own person as well.

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  5. Happiest Birthday Love. I’m turning 32 soon and I’ve never felt this content with myself and my age. I love reading self love posts because we need more of those

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  6. Belated Happy birthday to you. Aww we both are March babies. I celebrated mine on March 8th 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful day. When I was a kid cake cutting was never in my birthday celebration, it’s something we never had in my family but once I moved out of home for college. I started cutting 2-3 cakes on my birthday as I had many friends. One of the traditions I always followed is visiting temple on my birthday.

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    • That’s wonderful!! Hi March baby! I have such a sweet tooth to be honest, I don’t need a reason to eat cake haha!! Thank you for the wishes! Right back at you!!


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