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Love yourself ~part 1~


Putting yourself under the microscope is never easy. The moment you face your reflection should not be frightening. You should be happy with your image and how you can look that fabulous. Throughout the course of your life you will struggle, at least, once. You should not feel ashamed or embarassed. Embracing your beauty inside and out is just step 1 for a healthy life. In this saga of articles, we are going to focus on loving yourself. You deserve it.

From a very personal experience, I can tell you this is not an easy task. Loving yourself? I would better go read my book and eat my cereal. But you shouldn’t. Not being comfortable in your own skin, will eventually hit 00:00 and you will implode like a time bomb. The trigger is you, while simultaneously being its own seconds passing by. Without realizing, every day you put yourself down, let others bully you and maybe, at times, allow the blackness to darken your life and in the end you give up.

I keep telling you, this is not a walk to the park, where tea and biscuits are always served at 5 o’clock. All jokes aside, you get to a bad point. Rock bottom meet me, myself and I. Hello, nice to meet you! You are drowning and cannot breathe. You feel that the walls are closing in. You did your best and it still wasn’t enough. You, in all actuallity, don’t like yourself. Body, soul and mind. Choices and missed opportunities. You hate your body. “Too fat. Too tall. Too outspoken. No one will love me. I don’t deserve anyone’s love. I am not smart enough. I am a failure. I will never be enough. I cannot get out of bed. I just want to sleep. I am so angry. I am so sad. I need to shield myself from everything. I am alone. I am giving up. I am empty. What do I do? Where do I go?” You are exactly where you are supposed to be and suprise! It is not the ugly truth.

In contrast, it is the best thing that has happened to you. Because you can only rise above it. That is it. There is no other option! You saw the end, faced it and now you can only move on. You were in your shell already too much. You were in the black pit and now you can look up and see the light. Not every day, not all the time, but alas enough times to show you that your story is not over. You are still happening. Your timeline has a lot of future, crying and laughing, feeling and loving, shopping and Sundays. The path will be full of difficulties, but it is so sweet and overwhelmingly rewarding.

Firstly, you need to face your biggest fear. Yourself. You have spent way too much time focusing on the negative aspects of your body and personality, that you forgot how incredibly funny you are. You misplaced your love for dogs, nature and psychology related books, in that perfect brain of yours. You ignored the fact on how much you love your family and friends and how being around them makes you feel, if I dare say, happy. You neglected to remind yourself that you deserve this love and this warmth around your heart. So, now, you start having all the small parts you enjoy, close to you. You start smiling. You like getting out of bed. “Today, I will go on a walk.” But you don’t. No, it is not a failure. Take your time. Regroup, if need. Just don’t stay there. Please, don’t allow your beautiful self to be shut off. You will get there someday and today you smiled; today you talked with your friend and made plans for next week. And next week you will go on that walk. I have faith in you. I know you will love yourself in the end. I know you will accept and embrace who you are. Just breath, darling and remember you are only human.


Soon, part 2 of the “Love Yourself ” Saga will be published on this blog! Love and light to all!

Stay classy,
Kallia Manika

~~Picture by Pixabay ~~


19 thoughts on “Love yourself ~part 1~

  1. i choose a part of your post thus.

    “You should be happy with your image and how you can look that fabulous.”

    this says it all, we should learn to love ourselves even more because no one else can do that better for us all. great post here, cant wait for the part two..

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    • Thank you very much! It is very true, we end up being our worst enemy and the only way to fight it, is through seeing the beauty within!! I hope to see you stopping by again! Have a great day!


  2. I think that once at the bottom is very hard to get up again if there is nobody there to help. When you feel that nobody likes you it’s very hard to find the motivation to get out of bed or do anything…

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    • Well, yes it can potentially be quite difficult, but I have witnessed people showing strength when they weren’t aware that they had it. No one said you have to be alone, though; Help is always welcomed. There are many experienced individuals that offer their expertise and help, as long as we are willing to ask for it!


  3. I guess people get wise by age. When I was young I used to think a lot about who like me and who doesn’t, are my actions making everyone happy or are my clothes fit for the occasion? Not anymore!
    I have just reached a point in life where I let go and am content with what makes me comfortable. The point is not bothering about what others are thinking and rather focus on what makes you happy!

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    • Yes, it has been quite the struggle, because I used to be cruel to myself.
      Now, it has made such a difference when I remind myself of my strengths and how important is to keep loving myself, even when I don’t want to…


  4. My intention of 2017 has been to treat myself in the same way I would a good friend. The one I would always love and be kind to. I can’t even tell you what a difference this shift in thinking has made x

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  5. What a wonderful post for boosting ourself! Now as a mum at 36 I feel so much better with myself than I ever did as a teenager. I think at that age is the hardest but I belive the older we get the wiser we get and the better we do feel about ourself.

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