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Manchester Arena

~~~This following link is Manchester Arena attack by

My thoughts are with the first responders that haven’t slept all night, trying to find everyone and they refuse to stop; To those nurses and doctors that have to hold back tears and are doing their best, no matter how hard it is. It doesn’t matter if it was their day off or not, they are there.

My mind is with the police officers that are working overtime in an effort to find the responsibles for this horrendous terrorist attack. At the same time, they are trying frantically to reunite the families together, while being away from their own. Just imagine, the kid that they just found, is the same age as their son back home. That is when a sick feeling comes to their stomach and they cannot keep it together anymore. That little girl was 8 years old and now it’s gone. What is wrong with this picture?!

My prayers are with the parents of those children, that will have an empty seat on their dinner table, from now on. They were so excited to get tickets to suprise their favorite humans and now they are left with an emptiness and a why. A pain like no other.  Those families are ripped apart and they will never be the same, because hatred won last night.

Everyone at that concert from the singer Arianna Grande to the stage managers are shocked and panic stricken. Why did this happen? Why here? Why now?

How many friends will mourn? How many will cry in silence? How many dogs will wait patiently for their owner, that will never walk through that door again?! Tears are streaming down my face, as I am writing this. It was supposed to be an entertaining evening for everyone there. Instead, they met death, horror and utter sadness.

Up to this point, 22 people are dead and 59 are injured. If you are affected in any way by this attack, my prayers are with you. It is a hard time, but now time and inner strength will heal these deep wounds. My heart today is with Manchester, UK and all of the world.

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Kallia Manika



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