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The Story of The Precious Agate

20117415_10209729407693571_1863915043_nWritten by the audience’s perspective.

I am my own audience. I have taken a step back and watch my life unravel infront of me as my own personal theater. No more. Now, I have chosen to be the author, actor and director of my life and it is liberating. – by Eygenia Tzika.
~~Thank you for being the most awesome mom out there. Happy birthday and I hope you share your wisdom and love for 1000 more years, because the world needs you and please know I am your number 1 supporter… I love you with a passion, gorgeous!~~

For sometime now you have made your own jewelry, but never thought to branch out. You have been for a while dreaming of your art to be able to find its way out of your house. You have hoped that what you see as beautiful and creative, touches someone’s soul, besides yours. You have fiddled with the concept. Oh, you could show your art. The beading and the silver metal shine through, your gold reminds you of the sun, your deep reds bring out energy like no other and then your stones; Minerals. Rocks. All your passion into one small pair of earrings. Can they see it? Could they imagine it?

But is it good enough? Second guessing takes place. Noone will pay for your silly little bracelets. This style? What style?! No one will understand your rose quartz pendant. Feather earrings? I’ll pass…Huh! Just let it go. Your dream is not good enough… You are not good enough.

After long debate, you decided to start healing yourself. Self love and body positivity became your reality. Now, noone told you what that entails. You might say you love yourself, but you have days, that you still doubt. You have nights that you still stay up. You are not perfect. Your clothes don’t fit and your mirror reflection is your struggle. You used to make art. Where is it now? You used to write constantly. You call it writer’s block, I call it emptiness. You used to be happy. Don’t get me wrong, you still have things to be happy about, things that you are so grateful your heart skips a beat, but some days they feel so far away. Detouched. These are only your internal struggles. I am not even going to mention your every day mandane issues.
You decide to hit the pause button on your -oh, so loved blog- because you don’t want to be fake. You are lying to yourself, if you still hold on to the illusion that you are body and mind positive.
How can you be an advocate for body positivity, when it hits you every day like a ton of bricks? How can you help others, when you cannot help yourself?
But then out of the darkness, a moment of clarity. Because it hits you every day, because you hurt, because you are human with internal and mundane struggles, you can stand tall. You can talk aloud about the problem. But, you realize the problem is not you, it is your perspective. You see, it takes a lot to get where you did. You suffered losses and shed tears, you laughed hard and saw miracles. But all these combinations are you and you have your purpose. So, you pick yourself up. You use your knowledge as your creativity and let it run free. It trully feels liberating not being your own audience. You, now, know what it meant this whole time. You are in charge of your life.

You start writing. Not on your computer. You need pen and paper. You need to feel it. You write and write, especially at night, when everyone is asleep. Sometimes it has no purpose. You have no story. It is almost as if the words are raw and form in front of you and you just use emotion. Raw feeling. You look around your office. Agates have always been one of your favorite rocks. You touch it. You feel it in your hands. They are precious to you, even though they are not rubies or diamonds. But look at their elegance. Those lines tell a story. And that is when it hits you…

The brand you always wanted, your art is opening its own path in front of you and all you got to do is let it guide you. Even though you are in charge, you let it be a muse. Their name is born and with it, your tomorrow. The Precious Agate, you call it. Three words put together, that are so powerful to you. Your beads and your shiny golds are not something to be scared about anymore. You embrace their beauty. You show off their design with instagram posts, pictures and you love them. Soon, you will open your etsy shop, but you cannot rush yourself, because it is in your own terms. It is your art. It is you and it is therapeutic. Your story has only began; You have a lot to fight for; Your art and being an honest advocate on body image. You can do this and you cannot forget how lucky you are to be loved by so many people that your heart is full of it and it multiplies each day.

Official instagram account  For the Precious Agate


Κράτα το


38 thoughts on “The Story of The Precious Agate

  1. Well done for taking the plunge to form your own brand. You are right, we can often be our own worst critic and while it is hard, we must look past our own critique and see that we can create and live out our dreams if we dare to take the plunge!

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  2. This is wonderful, and I agree that we must get out there and be bold about our moves. Regardless if anyone believes we are good enough or if our product is good enough. It comes from a place deep inside, and how can you sell something that no one else will understand. I am glad you have done such a thing. And I agree with you that “your story had just begun” Great name also.

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  3. This is very heart touching Kallia! I’m sure we all go through such moments/phases in our lives when we doubt our self, but I’m super glad that you decided to pursue your dreams and take them to new heights. I love all your jewelry and bracelets, I wish I was talented enough and could make those like you.

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  4. Its often easier to just let go and go with the flow but not always the best for you. Only when you start to think about what is the best for you and not the flow…only then you can really be happy even though you do mistakes along the way because it was your own mistakes and not someone else.
    I love those black earring btw!

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  5. I am so happy to have chanced upon this piece. You are a beautiful person! Your art is a reflection of your true self. Thank you for sharing this inspiring post. It made me remember that one book I read that had so much impact on my life. It is entitled “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino. The teachings contained in the 10 scrolls are very inspiring. If you haven’t read this book yet, I suggest you should.

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