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Handmade jewelry

Hey guys! Let us know how you are doing in the comment section! Always loving hearing from you!

On my last post I talked about my art… Today, I believe it is only fair to showcase some of our handmade jewelry. As a creator, you get inspiration from everything in your environment. Since, it has been a loving period for me, palpable colors paired with boho and chic styles are the main focus here. While dreaming of being near the beach, drinking a cool mojito and reading my book(s), I am crouched over my desk and let all the positivity wash over me and speak through these pieces. Super happy of how they are turning out.
Let us know what you beauties think and if you want, check out and follow us on our Instagram  account.


Loved making this beauty! Charm-ing and makes a statement!


Rose quartz on pink cord and ribbon are giving us serious love vibes!


Boho set for great summer days and nights!


Crystal Power all day, every day! Clear Quartz and flourite make for a great necklace!

For any questions or sales, please contact us at our Instagram: The Precious Agate

facebook pages: The Precious Agate fb page
and Kallia’s Everyday Talks fb page

or at the email: !
Happy vibes!


6 thoughts on “Handmade jewelry

  1. You are so talented Kallia, I absolutely love all your jewelry. If I had to choose my favorite from this post, then the rose quartz one would be it. It’s so gorgeous! I’m definitely checking out your Etsy shop! 🙂

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