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Inspiration and Positivity

boho inspirationHeya peeps! Happy Motivation Monday! Last day of July, feeling like this summer is passing by way too fast and I don’t want to! But before it is over though, I want to soak up sun as much as possible, play with my outside plants, spent time with my dogs in the backyard, go on long walks and let all this positive attitude wash over me. You see, summer is sunny, bright, energetic, colorful and bohemian style just marries all this under one category. No hating on any other seasons, but summer just brings out the most inspiration for me.

Where do you get inpirations , though? It used to be a subject I had an issue with. What do you do in order to not be repetitive. Well, I have some tips, that I accumulated throughout the years and I thought I should share it with all of you!

~ If you feel best outside, with people and you get energy from being active just walk outside of your home. If you see a flower, take a picture of it. If you see an inspirational quote, save it or make it your background picture. Take up a new hobby. It doesn’t have to cost anything for the matter, just do things you enjoy and it will bring the best out of you. Last year, I started going on walks and collecting rocks that were pretty. Nothing of value, just pretty things in my opinion. Go shopping, visit museums, talk with that friend you always say we need to get together and actually go get a cup of coffee with them.

~ Now, if being an introvert is more your thing, your number one priority is to make your personal space beautiful. You spent most of your time there, why not take advantage of it. What is your favorite color? Maybe your living room would look better if it was yellow and you would be happier in it. Read your books and maybe when the writer starts showing you, through their words, the characters keep a notebook close by and draw how you think they look like. DIY that thing on Pinterest you thought it was so cool and cute, because macrame and planters do look great together and my bedroom would look adorable, if that was hanging by the ceiling! If you find a dress online, that you think might not be great for you, but you really love it, dive right in, take a chance and rock it. Get out of your comfort zone and embrace life or stay in it and fall in love once again with all your favorite things.

In my life now, I tend to get inspired from people, at times a simple car ride or a walk works, and my personal space and that is why I pour my heart into it. Something like the picture above, puts a smile to my face and I can go on creating in a happy cloud. Those tassels were the inspiration behind this set and it felt so good to get from imagination to something I can hold and wear. You can find more creations like these on The Precious Agate.


Boho set for great summer nights!

Inspiration, from my personal experience, is everywhere around you. People and pets and colors and paintings and beads and bicycles and plants and styles and cars and anything imaginable. Find a passion. Find something that is important to you. Use it as an anchor and let it guide you. Positivity brings it out more for me, that is why I try to stay positive on body, soul and mind. But, it is not the only thing that does. I have friends that after horrible situations, they poured their heart and soul and showed how something so ugly can bring a beauty like no other. Technically, there is no gold list of what you need to do and surprise! You found inspiration. For me, it comes hand in hand with life. Use it the best way you know how, love yourself and allow it to become a beacon of hope and love. Find inspiration from the big stuff to the little things and that is when you will create something remarkable. It is out there. You just have to look for it…



43 thoughts on “Inspiration and Positivity

  1. Absolutely loved your post. I often face such situations when I don’t feel inspired enough. I prefer sketching and sometimes cooking. It takes my mind off and infuses a fresh perspective and energy.

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  2. For me, I gather most of my inspiration by spending time in the great outdoors. Being among nature just seems to clear my mind, relax and calm me and allow me to focus and get inspired in so many ways.

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    • I used to do this all the time. What I did after I realized I was enclosed and not outside as much as I wanted anymore, I started taking my dogs outside every day and play in my yard. I was lucky enough to have one at the time. But if you have any parks or anything nature wise, it gives the eye a new perspective that could possibly help with the feeling of a simplified routine. Hope that helped! Good luck and don’t forget to smile. It makes a huge difference!


  3. some good tips here – i get my inspiration i guess from the situation i have compared to those who are not so lucky in the world and realise i should try to maximise every moment

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  4. I can not believe it is august ready, this year has certainly flown by. For me inspiration if it’s not by a walk in the fresh air, not Matt me rain or shines or shine,it’s spending time with my daughter!

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    • Yes, it’s life. Everything can inspire someone and because a specific for instance painting inspires someone doesn’t mean it can inspire everyone. Thank you for stopping by!


  5. I totally get you, for me also summer is the most productive and inspiring time of the year; sadly I don’t get to soak many summer days here in Melbourne :/ Absolutely love that bracelet and earrings, tassels are my weakness these days! ❤ 🙂

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  6. I can sense a really positive person behind this post. Very awesome! There are so many things that might inspire us. Sometimes, even the smallest things that is happening to us. And with those things, we are tend to continue living happily and inspired.

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  7. You are truly a positive person. So inspiring and awesome post. All the things we get in nature can motivate us, the only thing is that we should have the sense to see them.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Wonderful post on Inspiration and Positivity. I also catch inspiration from many small things like painting, coloring, cooking when I feel sad or depressed. Inspiration can come in any form. By the way I loved your boho jewelry.

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  9. What a motivation I had reading this out today. Small things create so much of positiveness.. Doing art and craft with my kid, cooking favorite family meal all makes me positive.

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