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The Precious Agate on Etsy


Making jewelry is a passion. I was always intrigued by how some beads, cord and some wire can be put together strategically and make beautiful accessories and pieces you wear. It is a form of art in my opinion, but most importantly, it is wearable art. You can put it on, play with it, touch it, look at it, gift it and even modify it. It has a mind of its own, it breathes, it moves and it is a way of showing off your personal style and preferences to everyone, before you even speak. It is a voice. It has opinions, it can share important pieces of your struggle and life. It makes a statement. Yours. So, what do you want it to say?

If you are following this blog for some time now, you know that The Precious Agate is a saving grace. Among other things, body image and body positivity play a huge rule in my book, so it has been decided that we will carry a plus size line. As a plus size girl, bracelets and rings or even some necklaces, were difficult to be bought online, because of this specific reason and since it is within our power, we would like to make a difference in the world. We firmly believe everyone is equal and should be treated as such! You should be proud of your uniquness and let it shine! One step at a time, we hope you fall in love with our handmade collections as much as we poured our hearts into them!
So, without any delay, we would like to inform our followers that our precious agate has its own Etsy Shop! Yes, we are very excited and if you follow the link right beneath, it will take you straight to it!

~~~~~~~~Link here: The Precious Agate on Etsy .~~~~~~~~~~~

*Artistically Created For You*

Also, we would like to inform everyone that Kallia’s Everyday Talks will be having some changes soon, so stay tuned!!


20632716_10209896409908522_746027254_nOur plus size bracelet is up for sale on Etsy


40 thoughts on “The Precious Agate on Etsy

  1. I love your emphasis on body positivity. It is SO important! I am always looking for new Etsy shops, so I’ll add this to the list! I just peeped the shop & the pieces are just stunning – the quartz earrings are too good. Thank you for sharing!! xx Shannon ||

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  2. To make a difference in the world. One step at a time. I loved your perspective. I wish everyone thinks like you. And beautiful collection.

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  3. I believe in the healing and protective power of stones. I always look for jewelry that has healing stones in them. I am happy I found your blog. I will head on over to your Etsy shop and look at the different styles you have there.

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  4. That bracelet is so pretty. I am so glad that you decided to make jewelry in plus sizes, it makes so much of a difference. Everyone is equal, nobody should leave something they like just because their size is not in the manufacturers/designers range.

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  5. I have always been drawn to the beauty of natural stones. I believe in its healing power. I love that you included agave in a bracelet like that, and that there are sizes for full figure women.

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    • Thank you! We are big on body positivity and we want to make sure that follows us on all our endeavors. Our plus size bracelet pictured above is coral, aventurine and beads, with a feather charm. Agate is just part of our name 🙂


  6. The bracelet is beautiful and I love the design and colour combination, furthermore It so good to know that you cater for a larger size The detailing is commendable.

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    • Thank you very much for your kind words. We are very body positive oriented and we wish to show to the world that there is no reason to feel any less just because of the size of your pants!


    • Thank you Cassandra! I have been in that situation also too many times to count. Necklaces and earrings are easy for plus size, but bracelets and rings have always been a struggle, so we thought it’s time to make a change!


  7. I’ve check your collection and it was all really nice. I am always into natural stone and gems – I also have my own collection, though I just bought it.. I am not really the one who design and put it together, though some of it was requested as I wanted it to be. I’m gonna wait for changes for more interesting collection.

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  8. I used to love making indian bead bracelets and pendants when I was younger – it’s a craft I wish I’d continued, as so many of the things on Etsy are so beautiful, just like your collection x

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  9. I love natural stones and during my trip to Peru, I have passed by some really beautiful pieces. I even brought home an imperfect crystal, which came to me (I didn’t buy it) and I like to think of it as it would be a human being: we can’t be perfect, but we can be beautiful by loving our imperfections.

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