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The Statement Outfit

How to put together statement outfits and the psychological need to accomplish it.

Hi there! Kallia here today, saying hello and happy Tuesday! For those of you in the US, happy Solar Eclipse Day for yesterday! We hope you were safe and enjoyed this extravagant phenomenon!

As the title suggests, I would like to talk to you about statement outfits.
Psychologically speaking, any outfit that you choose to wear, is an expression of yourself and it has always been a way to show the world who you are, without requiring you to talk. Evidently, your fashion choices affect other people’s impression of you and it has been, from a  historical point of view, a method of exhibiting your social status or a group you belong in, which the last part corresponds with the basic human need of belonging. Being an advocate on body positivity has taught me that with your clothes, your accessories and your choices of where and what you buy, you have the power to determine what fashion is and can be.

Fashion is art, your clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry are all part of an industry that is like a living, breathing organism. It is wearable, it is all around you and it has the ability to affect your emotions. Fashion is truly for everyone, odd sizes are simply numbers and it offers equality for everyone, if you allow it to be. Also, clothing has the potential to built your self esteem and confidence, so you can finally see how wonderful, beautiful, intelligent (insert every positive adjective you could think of here) you truly are.
Bottom line is this… Fashion industry is infuencial and impressive, so why not use it to your advantage and speak through your statement outfit?

Accessories play a huge role in this. You can show your unique taste by your choice of jewelry, belts, shoes and purses. There are many ways to go with choosing statement outfits, but I have found, if you start by asking these following questions, it could be easier to make your point.

  1. What is the occasion?
    Work, date, girl’s night?
  2. What is your style?
    Classic, bohemian, romantic?
  3. Which time of the day is the occasion happening?
    Day. afternoon, night?
  4. How will you arrive?
    Car/ taxi, bus, walking?
  5. What time of the year is it?
    Would you need a coat for the colder months, or would your hair be up because it is too hot outside?

Asking these questions will help you establish key points to making your statement outfit. I will give a couple examples that will hopefully help you make your choice to shine. Let’s begin!

Example 1:
If you replied with gala, chic, night, taxi and spring you can decide on something like this. Bright colors, chic and modern lines paired with classy touches, will make your outfit stand out. Shoes could be very toned down, in neutrals mostly, if you are very forward with the colors of your clothes.


Picture by

Example 2:
If you answered vacations, bohemian, boat, summer and all day your statement outfit has to be something lightweight, airy, flowy, probably with some lace details and your accessories will do the talking. Look at how beautiful these necklaces and bracelet are! Stop by The Precious Agate shop on Etsy, to find your match for your statement outfit!



Bohemian blues vibes, plus size via The Precious Agate


Crystal power, perfect for complimenting your statement outfit via The Precious Agate


Color explosion necklace via The Precious Agate


Blown glass pendant via The Precious Agate shop on Etsy!

Example 3:
If you answered movie night, casual, afternoon, car and fall, then your statement outfit has to give you easy going vibes and very easy to wear! Pair your favorite cardigan or sweater with a simple unisex piece of jewelry like shown on the following picture.



Necklace choice via The Precious Agate

Example 4:
Outfit choice for date, modern, night, spring, taxi paired with a very simplistic, yet statement making bracelet


Example 5:
Business class, university, androgenes style with minimalistic touches, black and white, bus were your answers, then your outfit will be clean lines and if you wear this minimalistic pendant, you will stand out! Available on Etsy .


Example 6:
Ready for shopping, walking around the town, style in bright color combinations in the summer, now you only need these gorgeous chandelier earrings to feel like you are ready for everything!



Example 7:
Business style, corporate meeting, morning, train, winter. Suits are a must have in your wardroble, they will be there for you in times of need (better than your last relationship, am I right?) and will always have your back to look stylish and ready to make a huge statement. Love them, embrace them and let them in your life!



If you want to spice up your style and outfit, visit The Precious Agate shop on Etsy and shop your heart out! Quality pieces of handmade jewelry and advocating on body positivity policy are combined to become the part of the fashion industry that is living and wearable!

All these are a very small portion on what you can do with fashion and even though there are so many variables, if you plan ahead, follow simple questions and have confidence, you will do just great in finding your statement outfit! There are no rights or wrongs, it is your way of expressing; Let it talk through you and let it become you.


81 thoughts on “The Statement Outfit

  1. I wish people dressed more like who they really are not what the society tells them to wear. I mean, who are you if you dress bohemian? Romantic and sweet? Are you in reality? I know a lot of people wearing sassy clothes but in reality they are so shy and unsure about themself. So no I dont think many people dress the way they are as a person. Most of them dress like H&M and Zara ect. Me myself belong to thosw group unfortunally.

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  2. I think you can judge the persons personality from their dress style for sure. You have shared some really love outfit ideas and jewellery.I love the way they coordinate.

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  3. I’m all about casual and easy going. The simpler and the more comfortable, the better. I used to dress up more and wear heels all the time until I got older and realized my achy feet are not worth the amazing shoes lol! I still like getting all dolled up once in a while though.

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  4. I’m impressed with a different style of writing (I suppose). I like the way you first introduce us to questions like “What is the occasion?” etc. Awesome photographs look like supermodels in the outfits. Date night outfit, jewellery items, impressive.

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  5. My outfits tend to express my mood lol, so I see what you mean that our choice of fashion is an expression of ourselves. I’m dying for fall so I have been edging towards comfy and casual clothing! You did an amazing job pairing the accessories with the outfits ❤

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  6. When I choose an outfit for a day or night out I always think of the way I am going to get there, if it’s by bus or by taxi. I could never wear high heels and a flimsy coat if I take the bus for example. Those are some really good questions to ask yourself before you choose an outfit.

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  7. I try to make every outfit a statement outfit! Even if the statement is occasionally “no fucks given today”. 😉 Clothing had such potential to say something, why let that potential pass you by?

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  8. All the jewellery pieces from the Precious Agate is so pretty! I love how fashion and the way we dress can reflect our mood and make a statement. I love experimenting with my style and making bold statements.

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  9. When I go shopping I like to wear black trousers and a plain top. I’m not into bright colours so much but do like to wear a good pair of earrings.

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  10. I absolutely love the look displayed in Example 5! I face a great deal of difficulty when I am trying to choose an outfit according to an occasion. You have even shown how to accessorize properly. Love the footwear too! This stuff is on my shopping list now. Thanks a lot!
    Regards: Veethee

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  11. BTW love the jewels and all of the tips.Especially example 4 and example 6. But do you have all of this or only some? If yes, can you ship it to other countries like India? Or just U.S only

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  12. I am more of a casual dresser. I love my jeans, blouses made from light materials, and t-shirts. No heels though, my doctor advised me not to. Accessories is what I fli for. I love bangles, bracelets (beaded or leather), and pearl stud earrings.


  13. This is really a helpful post, I think perfect outfits always an add on to our personality, I wear whatever I want but for some occasions, i pick my outfits carefully.

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  14. I love making statements through fashion! I definitely agree that you can show your personality through your clothing choices. People actually see your style before they see your personality and will judge you accordingly.

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  15. That’s such a great post! I went through some difficult times, and when I finally got over them, the first thing to do was to change my closet. I stop caring about what others would think about me, and added my personality to what I wear, colors and everything. And I feel so much better now! So for me, I think we all should dress as we feel and spread our vibes through our clothes with the world! ❤

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  16. Great post . Thus would be a great new things to read for me . I’m living in tropical land , beach side . Free and easy life , the only outfit that I wear is short pant , tsirt and plip plop .

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  17. Lovely tips as we all have great things in our wardrobes but never know how to use them. Asking questions about the occasion, time of day, weather and moods will help us to decide very easily. Thanks for sharing!

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  18. A statement outfit can be qyite simple if you style it with that extra piece. It all depends on person’s personality what kind of statement they want to make and which pieces they choose. The first impression is usually the one people remember and how they make their conclusions and opinions on that person.

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  19. My sense of fashion was definitely veryyy slow to develop. I think I’m finally starting to find one and, for sure, in a few years, I’ll wonder what the heck I was thinking today. These questions are great and I’ll definitely be thinking about htem in the future.

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  20. I think I’m in denial about who I am… I always say, I’m not into fashion.. but there is a distinction. I don’t like SHOPPING.. but I do like fashion. I especially liked all of the pieces in your post above. From the colorful pieces in example 1 (love a bold color) to the last example with the comfy yet trendy afternoon wear. That queen bee shirt is EVERYTHING! Awesome list… and chandlier earrings… my fav accessory.

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  21. Aside from physical appearance, upon initially meeting a person I feel like the outfit speaks volumes. Some people connect based on clothing alone so I think have staple items are essential for each and every occasion.

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