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New purse phenomenon

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely week and your Sunday is treating you well!

As you all know, accessories are a big passion of mine and I always love to speak through them! I treat them as individual pieces of fashion, that will make or break a look. Jewelry comes first and if you are interested for great prices in handmade jewelry you should check The Precious Agate shop on etsy! But, even though it is in second place, a purse can literally affect my mood in a positive way, any day of the week! Here is my newest buy, the Betsy Johnson purse!!21322948_10210110739946639_267539909_n

Betsy Johnson, a wonderful designer, is, in my opinion, just eccentic enough to make it easy to fall in love with her unique products! I, instantly, loved this purse when I saw it and it is a wonderful addition to my fall outfits! I went with more neutral colors, in order to be able to pair it with more clothes. It is big enough to be able to fit my make up, keys, phone, wallet, house, dogs and the rest of my household. Just kidding! But, believe me, it is big in the storage aspect and it is secure, since it has a zipper on top. Great addition, is the extra wallet in animal print that came with the purse and brings extra pizzaz to the whole look! Very durable and chic!

Here pictured with the mandatory Starbucks coffee break with my hubby, because we are both worth it!

From a psychological aspect, material things, yes, probably have little importance, but I would like to share with you, that if something makes you happy and it is not hurting you in any way, do it. It has been shown that people tend to react nicer, if they are surrounded by things that they are appealing to their taste. Now, I am not telling you max your credit card, but here and there it is good to reward yourself for your hard work. We run all the time and we forget to take a moment and realize how much we need to take the 15 min break and do something that makes us happy! Hence, the new purse phenomenon! It was no surprise to me, that when I decided to buy this new baby, I was smiling bright, I felt more energetic and I found myself getting out more and choosing my outfits around the purse, in need to show off its beauty! I really liked it guys, can you tell?!

This is my obsession for this week! What is yours? Share with us in the comments! Keep smiling, everyone!

Disclaimer: All opinions are mine, I have not been paid in any way for this review, just wanted to share with you my newest fashion love!


45 thoughts on “New purse phenomenon

  1. No, I am not into bags or stuff but that bag does really look cute! Good choice!
    If you have notice after been reading all my post you must know that I love waterfalls so this whole week I am obsess about a waterfall I would love to visit but it is a bit to far away!

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  2. TJmax and charity shops are great places to find hidden treasures. I am not a girly girly but I love a new purse over a bag. I believe Jewelry too is important as it says alot about you and it adds sparkle to your outfit. Lately I have an obession with stationary, its not fashion but its still important espically when your a blogger

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  3. Purple is my color! I love this bag…it is so chic and stylish. I am not a big bag/purse admirer but I agree with you that there are few things in our life that make us happier and satisfied. 🙂

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  4. I don’t have a Betsy Johnson purse or bag but this does look roomy enough to fit my essentials. I will check this out soon. It would be a perfect carry all bag for short trips.

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  5. I have a handmade necklace my husband bought last year from an etsy shop and it’s one of my very favorite things. I wear it all of the time and it truly makes me happy, not because of what it is, but because of the kindness and thoughtfulness that it represents. x

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  6. I actually didn’t know that brand. Now I do:) The bag looks cute and I like the color!
    My latest crush is a casual bag from YSL, I’m addicted. xD

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  7. For me personally, I can’t justify purchasing an expensive purse. I love purses don’t get me wrong. It’s just for me that money is always meant for something else. I have considered buying a designer purse but haven’t yet. I just I think if I bought one, I’d be scared to use it.

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  8. That bag is so cute! I always just carry around a canvas bag and it’s starting to wear out and get holes in the corners so I need a new one.

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  9. This burgundy colored Betsy Johnson purse looks great for formal and causaul dressings. I am also addicted to purses and would love to have this purse too. Will look out for deals on this brand too.

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  10. I love that bag, didn’t know that brand before. Bags are also a great way to accessorize your look and play with it. My husband has given up on understanding how I can like and want so many bags. 😀

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  11. I’ve never been a big shopper (I’ve had the same wallet over ten years!)…but your purse choice looks like. If I had to choose an obsession for this week, it’s probably just healthy eating! 🙂

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