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An open letter to my little sister

Katerinaki mou, you got this! Make us proud in London! – Kaltsoula

I was 8, when you were born. From that first moment, I laid my eyes on you, I knew I had just seen my best friend in life. You were so little, so innocent, I cannot help but wonder where did all this go? Just kidding, you are always going to be my little sister and you are perfect. You were always by my side. You, always, wanted me to hug you, help you play with your dolls, draw and dance with you. Yes, arguably you were much better at it than me, but you laughed and loved every minute. I remember all our Disney movie night marathons and Harry Potter weekends. I love to revisit our long talks on the balcony and sitting on the bed taking pictures on my phone, that were too funny to share. We are always next to each other in both times of heart ache and happiness and support each other through it all and our inside jokes always work like a charm to put a smile on our faces. I remember your little pig tails, your big laugh, your first words and your first school days. Learning how to ride a bike, the “kokkala” period, and  I cannot forget how my heart was shuttered when I had to leave for studies in the USA. I enjoyed so much when you came to visit and you got to see my life here in the States, but yet, again, time was not in our favor. I loved watching you grow into an unbelievable human being, an intelligent woman, a kind hearted person and now I get to watch you become a university student. I wish I was there to hug you and tell you how proud I am of you, but since your big sister is a blogger, an article is my best way of showing you how happy I am for you. You got into one of the most prestigious universities in London, UK and I cannot stop smiling! Sweetheart, keep it up, don’t stop your efforts and you will succeed. There will be times you might want to quit, but I’m here to tell you that you have so much strength and charisma and if you keep pushing you will come out a winner.
Dear swswni, this is your time to shine. Take that first step, follow your fire in your belly and keep your chin up. Greenwich is waiting and you deserve it!

I love you so much, I miss you even more and I know you will be amazing at whatever you choose to do. I cannot wait to visit you and you get to show me your life there as a university student this time.

A very proud sister…
P.S. We really need to update our pictures, soon in London!

Κράτα το


18 thoughts on “An open letter to my little sister

  1. Ohhh this love letter to your sister made me sad because I was thinking of my own daughter. How I wish for her to have a sister and they could love and be bestfriends forever. One shouldnt say never, but we have decided to have only one child. Even thought I wish her to have a sibling love I know that theres no garanti that they will have a special bond later in life. Both my husband and I have problems with our siblings. But thats not why we chose to have one child…

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  2. wow, such a beautiful post for your sissy. I’m sure she must be very happy to have you as an elder sister. Sisters are blessing and I can so much correlate being a small sis:). God bless your love!

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  3. I can’t emphasize the importance for siblings. Since I am married, I cant stay with my sister anymore but still, I miss all those sweet fights, how we share our closet and how we both eat ice cream in mid night. having a sibling is best feeling ever.

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  4. I’ve got an older brother, so I can totally relate that deep love you’re referring to. This is a super endearing post, and I can only imagine that your sister will cherish this in ways you can’t even imagine. But it’s also important to take the time to recognize our siblings because it’s far too easy to take them for granted!

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