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OOTD for a relaxing walk with the dogs

img_2359We are blessed with some great, warm days in September and it was the best excuse to go on a nice afternoon walk with our lovely doggies. I have to admit, when I go for walks I love to be comfortable, but look stylish. Basically, I strive to not lose my comfort for my fashion choices, no matter how extra I want to feel. Jogging pants with a beautiful top is my go to outfit in those situations and my new Simply Vera, Vera Wang top was my saving grace! I have no problem to tell you that I found it on the discount rack at Kohl’s, for *drumroll please* only $4.40! Yes, it was on sale for 90% off, originally $44.00 and the heavens opened and the cherubs were singing, when I found it!! Unfortunately, I cannot find the same shirt on the website, but if you want to browse their website, click here (Kohl’s link) . The shoes I wore are Nike’s Air! I love the hot pink contrast against the black pants!! Earrings and 3 of my bracelets were from The Precious Agate shop on Etsy. Click on the name to take you to the website, if you wish to see handmade jewelry!



I am sure my adorable black labs are stealing the spotlight, but a girl has to try.

I would like to share something else, as well. If you are plus size, petite, tall, short,”insert anything”, I am here to tell you do not worry. Do not worry about other people’s opinion. Do not let the fears hold you back. Stop putting yourself down. Believe in yourself and more than anything believe that you are perfect the way you are. If you get a chance, share the positivity and empower anyone who needs it. Before, I would be very uncomfortable about my image or how this shirt looked on me or taking pictures like these, but here I am celebrating my body and enjoying my time. It is possible and if a walk at the park might seem like a small win, it makes all the difference in the world when your confidence is at a peak and you know you are working it!

Hope everyone is having an awesome week and keep giving the positivity back to the universe!



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35 thoughts on “OOTD for a relaxing walk with the dogs

  1. Hi Kaila! An outfit of the day focused on staying comfy and fashion-forward while walking the dog is a great post! The meaning gets sort of lost near the end when you switch gears a bit – slightly confusing as a reader checking out the post. Also, just for future, I’m not sure which camera you are using for your pictures, however; a picture is worth a thousand words and I believe it would greatly add to the blog if there were stronger quality photos embedded.


    • Hi Stephanie. I really appreciate your observations, however, this blog is about body positivity, not about photography and had you really paid attention to what mattered, you would have seen my name is Kallia. I wish you bright blessings.


      • I agree that body positivity, feeling good about yourself while enjoying a walk with your dog is more important than quality of photographs used on a blog or post. People nowadays are so quick to judge, critique and focus on spreading negativity. I am all about positive words, thoughts and affirmations. On anothet note: You look awesome

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  2. Kallia, I absolutely love your positivity! And your dogs are just adorable too! I love that you’re spreading kindness and helping other social realise that other stuff opinions don’t matter. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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  3. Firstly this is a wonderful idea of pairing a stylish outfit while walking your dog. I absolutely love your asymmetrical hem top. The color is so vibrant and stylish

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  4. Walk with Style, I know what you are trying to say. And yes Spring is near, I guess. That’s why you prefer light. I am bad at fashion, please tell me if I am wrong or right.

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  5. On weekends with nice weather I love taking my dog for an extra long walk through the park. I always try to wear something that looks good with tennis shoes so I can run around and play fetch with him. I love that blue shirt! It looks great and also comfortable.

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  6. What a lovely outfit! The blue looks so good on you, and the pink shoes add a fun pop of color! And your positivity is amazing, keep it up ♥

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  7. Any day that I find a $4.40 Vera Wang is a great day! 🙂 And yes to embracing our bodies! Life is too short to worry about what other people think.

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  8. How does Kohl’s always have great deals when it comes to Nike? I just bought a pair in black and hot pink a few weeks ago. As a bigger girl, I’ve always been self conscious about working out in public. I still have my moments when I’m not comfortable, but I try to put it behind me and get on with my workout.

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  9. Loved the way you’ve drafted positivity around this post. Your dogs do steal the show, they are damn adorable, but let me tell you, you look fab and super comfy in that outfit

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  10. Thats great that you got such a deal at Kohls. That has never been my experience with them. I know some people can work to get deals down to decent prices on their clothing line but they always seem to overcharge me or their deals turn out to be regular price clothing at other stores. Maybe that’s just me.

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  11. Awww .. Sweetie, you look so beautiful and I hope you guys are having a wonderful fall! I love everything about your look. Especially your pretty blue top from Kohls (score on the sale rack!) I’m so guilty of putting on an old tee and leggings when going on excursions to the park with our two golden retrievers when it takes just as much time to put on something pretty. x

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