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Pumpkin spice lattes and coffee

We just celebrated national coffee day, which is a day close to my heart, so evidently, I decided to share with you my unpopular opinion.

I don’t like pumpkin spice lattes. I love coffee, I enjoy its taste and to be completely honest, I drink it out of necessity of functioning every day. It is my equivalent of ambrosia. Once, I had my coffee, life is brighter, I hear birds singing, and your well being is not in a question any more. You’re welcome. No need to thank me!

Now, back to me not particularly caring about pumpkin spice lattes. Please, don’t start yelling. I know, I know… Pumpking spice lattes are the staples of fall, according to the internet and the demand of customers, as soon as September comes around. It is considered the epitome of leaves falling of the trees, sweater weather, all things that make us happy and the best excuse to start getting all of our scarves to match our boots and our instagram story floods with pictures of you drinking this (cough, cough) atrocity. I have to admit, I love pumpkins, the taste of pumpkin pies, I love the candles that smell like pumpkins and yes, I, always, decorate my home with autumn decorations. Fall has so much more to offer. Crisp weather, apple picking, if you’re in the US thanksgiving and Halloween. Of course, pumpkin spice as a smell and taste is a big part of the fall process, however, there is no reason to put pumpkin spice in a coffee drink. No reason. It tastes oily and maybe that’s none of my business, but it doesn’t taste like coffee. I tried it more than once in different coffeshops, in order to see what the hype has been and let me tell you, I am dissapointed! I am going to cut to the chase and say that I don’t understand why or how this drink became popular. Why? Who decided, oh a spice for a pie… I bet it would taste awesome in EVERYTHING! Did you know that they even make marshmallows that taste like this?! I’m done and nothing you can tell me can change my mind!

Here are some lovely coffee pictures to warm your heart and maybe help you celebrate this nectar of the gods the proper way ! All from the Pixabay.valentines-day-624440_960_720coffee-1117933_960_720coffee-1580595_960_720organic-1280537_960_720cappuccino-593256_960_720coffee-206142_960_720coffee-563797_960_720coffee-563800_960_720coffee-983955_960_720

What is your opinion? Do you like pumpkin spice lattes? What is your favorite activity during fall? Leave a comment in the comment section!

Kallia Manika



26 thoughts on “Pumpkin spice lattes and coffee

  1. I love coffee for the taste of coffee too. I actually went to Panama last year and brought back a TON of super high quality coffee. I only drink pumpkin spice lattes when I want a sweet dessert drink rather than coffee haha.

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  2. It’s the funniest thing that all year long, I don’t crave lattes. That is, until the fall. Then I find myself in the Starbucks drive through every day! My husband thinks he can recreate them at home so I’m really excited to see what he comes up with. x

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  3. Very true about coffee flavour as nothing can beat it. Additives in coffee spoil its true aroma. Pumpkins are good in other things but coffee in pure form is best.

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  4. I am craving now for coffee. Your pictures look so very tempting. But the twist of pumpkin spice looks interesting. I will definitely try this one.

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  5. Haha see I am the opposite I love coffee and pumpkin spice latte but admittedly I like pumpkin in everything. Its delicious but you are right in saying that pumpkin spice latte does not taste like coffee. That is true but I still think that it is delicious! x

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  6. I don’t like Pumpkin Spiced Lattes either. But then I don’t like coffee so that’s understandable I suppose. I haven’t tried Pumpkin in anything else though so I’d love to try it. I’m definitely a tea drinker at heart.

    Ami xxx

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  7. I love pumpkin spice coffee. Thanks for the reminder, the season only started to change towards fall this week, however I am in LA and the temperature is 91’, which is hot. I think I will savor this first cup of fall when I get home.

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  8. I love coffee and can’t agree with you more about the pumpkin spice lattes. However, I also have to admit that I don’t like plain black coffee, it’s way too harsh for me. I always have to tame it’s bitterness so I make a latte out of it. If I want to make it extra, I put a teaspoon of hazelnut syrup into it. It’s also close to the sin category when it comes to coffee but still it’s not Starbucks 😉

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  9. I have to admit that I do love a Pumpkin Spice Latte from time to time but I think it’s the warm coziness of the spices that I love, not the pumpkin itself. I tend to just drink my coffee black with nothing added and that’s the way I like it on a daily basis 🙂

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