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Body positivity through a phrase

At the sight of her, even the ground shook.

Now, repeat it after me. And again. And again. Say it until you understand it. Believe it. Cherish it. Use it. Share it. It is a phrase I, often, remind myself at times of self doubt; Usually, during those haunting moments, that I do not like what I see in the mirror, or on my camera. Those terrifying seconds, when you don’t recognize your own self and feel everything is coming crashing down. We are not perfect and we definitely don’t live in an imaculate world. So, why do we strive for an image perfection? What is the reasoning behind us looking for the impossible?

As humans, we tend to try to mimic what we find pleasing to the eye and have a tendency to compare ourselves with things that surround us. Most times, that brings an area of self growth and understanding of the world around the individual. Now, where it all goes wrong, is the fact that sometimes the world around us lies. Social media, magazines are the perfect place to do so. Photoshop has set these standards that, in all honesty, are unreal. So, why do we continue the lie? Why do we decide to ignore it and all agree lighthearted that it happens? Most importantly, WHY DO WE ALLOW THE LIE AND DISHONESTY TO AFFECT US? I used to ask myself, why can I not be like the way I want to? Maybe, if I ate less? Perhaps, that is my demon to deal with in life. Looking back to my life, before I realized my worth, I have one question. Why didn’t I just scare my demon away from my life? I let it linger and it brought with it, its buddy, the mister-twisted view of my body image, who just approached me, came to my mind uninvited and didn’t leave, until I kicked him out.

Body image struggle is an area that hits home for many of us. I don’t believe there isn’t anyone among us that doesn’t point out something particular about their bodies and wishes it was different. Personally, my body image used to frighten me. It used to be this weight that was so heavy on my chest, that I believed it was weighing me down and I couldn’t get up. I couldn’t stand tall nor had any desire to show the world who I am and what I am capable of. My shell was made and even though I greeted you with a smile, there was so much more hiding underneath. With the years, I fought back. I found my voice. I wanted to be heard. I wanted to be noticed. The only good outcome that came out of my body image struggle, is that I went through it, I came out a winner and I am given the chance to talk about it. Share my side of the story. Show the world that you are so much more than skin, bones, stretch marks and fat. I can share now that there is a power from within, a burning sensation that is undying and will swallow every small remnant of fear and shyness; and all this time, I had that little phrase lighting a small part of my path.

That is why I love this saying. I cannot tell you, where I first saw it, or if I thought of it myself, because I have been using it for so long (if you do, please give me the source). But, when I think of the phrase “At the sight of her, the ground shook“, I imagine of a woman, equal to a wild horse; Independent, strong, powerful and not feeling stuck in a corner! A woman that loves herself, stands her ground and is proud of her accomplishments and the person she is. A woman that I strive to be. And you can be, also! You just have to believe in yourself. Unpack those heavy bags of self doubt and walk freely. Because, when you walk with confidence and someone looks at you, the whole world around you shakes from your strength. Own it.

Kallia Manika

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25 thoughts on “Body positivity through a phrase

  1. Very inspiring post! I feel that these days, everyone is running behind the shallow streams of materialism! Everyone wants to look just perfect! They have forgotten to love their bodies in whatever shape or size it is!

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  2. I love this. I have these mantras from time to time, and they are frequently changing, but I’ve been on this one for a while now: “It’s not her fault that she’s so irresistible.”

    You are right. There’s something about that internal confidence boost. I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one!

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  3. At the sight of her, the ground shook, yes it resonates so much of strength, positivity around a woman. She is not a “mere woman” but a strong woman who can give run to hundred men if she thinks.. Loved the post

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  4. This is an important message. It is so difficult to not compare yourself to whats in the media and fake views of beauty etc but so important to be content with who you are. I know the feeling well of looking confident on the outside but being very self concious on the inside.

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  5. i struggle with this at times and I am working on building my confidence. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is inspirational.

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  6. Thank you. I recently starting taking a more deeper look into myself and I find myself thinking more of my 14-15 year old self. When I felt most in touch with my true inner self, listening to music, reading, and just being me. There are so many external influences and distractions these day.

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  7. I hate to say it but as the owner of a mightly podge, the saying “At the sight of her, the ground shook“ could definitely be taken the wrong way. Great post, I’m working hard to instil body positivity in my son.

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  8. Body image is definitely an important thing, though yeah, more our own perception of it is, since we’re often much harsher on ourselves than reality, or other people are (at least, than the people who matter). Keep on staying strong.

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  9. Negative messages about the female form are ubiquitous and we need to stay committed to tuning them out and focusing on health.
    We must make sure we do the same for our loved ones…. it will take massive collective effort to overcome.

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  10. I just love this phrase and the idea of telling yourself a mantra when you’re feeling down about how you look. I do it too. My favorite quote to help get me through is: “Earlier, watching her apply mascara with ritual concentration, he’d wondered just how beautiful a woman had to be before she believed it.” ~ Alison Fell

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  11. I am always up for girl power and all. And I hope you are also the same in real life. But really people are just doing what others tell you, that is something which I don’t like. Sorry to say, but you should do your own thing regardless of money.

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  12. Its sad that it still seems to be accepted in society to shame a woman’s body, I heard people shaming Kate Middleton recently because her baby bump seemed too small in their opinions. We have to continue to teach love and compassion and ensure that our kids are learning about being kind and not being judgemental of anyone for their looks or size etc…

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  13. Body image has always been an issue for most women. Unfortunately it has usually been negative. Why are we so hard on ourselves…. I am so glad that you are happy in your skin and are putting this positive message out there.

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  14. This is to true! Body image and self-confidence is such a major issue nowadays in our society and I think it’s because of social media to be honest, you see all these perfect people but everyone is different and we should find our self acceptance!!

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  15. Very inspiring statement for all women out there. You need to be able to be comfortable in your own skin with who you are. And far too often we nitpick and make people self conscious. Glad you are bringing a positive message out into the world.

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  16. Actually, the comment or question of why we left it affect us is such an important one. I know it really effected me all the time when someone would say something about my image. It hurt. So I feel you!

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