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Cashmere mist, Donna Karan Perfume review

My awesome hubby and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary a couple weeks ago and he was kind enough to ask me what I wanted to get! Yes, ladies and gentlemen! He asked! A round of applause, because he is amazing! I had just run out of my other perfume and I was in need of a new one! For years I have loved changing scents, especially to match the season and my attitude. It is very common for me to have a couple different perfumes laying around and hubby knew that since I finally ran out, it was time for restocking.

Entering the decision process. When fall comes around and winter is right at the corner waving at me, I enjoy smells that are gentle with earthy tones. I am not a fan of flowery smells for the cold season and I immediately knew some of my favorite choices were out the window. I wanted hints of sandalwood and musk, but I would prefer them not to be overpowering! In the search of a plethora of perfumes that covered what I wished, I found a perfume I use to love some time ago and it was perfect!

Cashmere mist, from Donna Karan, for women and it was establisshed in 1994. 

It is warm and leaves a lovely powdery smell, has the notes of sandalwood and musk that I wanted and at the same time, lovely amber, lily, Bergamot, vanilla and Moroccan Jasmine come together for a wonderful smelling perfume! It is light but easy to wear all day, every day!

I have oily skin and sometimes it can be hard to find perfumes that would stay with me the whole day, or even mix well with my body chemistry! I love my Cashmere Mist eau de Parfume and I see now why I got it and loved it all these years ago. The price is, in my opinion, in the middle grounds, the perfume was purchased from . Just click on the link and search for Cashmere Mist, Donna Karan.  It comes in different sizes, but we invested in the 100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz.

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Disclaimer: All opinions are mine, I was not offered or given anything for this review post and the pictures on this post are mine, as well.


35 thoughts on “Cashmere mist, Donna Karan Perfume review

  1. A friend and I were walking through the mall this weekend and (of course) stopped to smell the perfumes. I remember this one and it’s just as you described. Definitely memorable! ps: So many congratulations to you and your hubby on your five year anniversary. That’s a pretty cool milestone. x

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  2. I have oily skin as well so it’s really hard for me to find a fragrance I can fall in love with. While I won’t be perfume shopping anytime soon, I’m curious to stop and check out the scent on this Danna Karan to see if it’s something I could perhaps gift one of my sisters.

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  3. Firstly, congratulations!
    I think sandalwood and Jasmine on their own smell really good, and they take me to temples of South India, so that’s always a good feeling! I’m sure you enjoy your perfume just as much!

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  4. Cashmere mist , my wife should familiar with this perfume . She’s working in some great perfume brand . I wonder if I can find one in Indonesia , it would be a great present for my sister birthday

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  5. Congrats for your 5-year anniversary! I don’t know this perfume but you made me curious. To be honest, I’ve been using the same perfume for maybe 15 years now – I wonder if I will ever change! My aunt tricked me into thinking we were choosing a perfume for a friend when she asked my opinion. She picked the one I preferred and gave it to me as a present! 😀

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  6. Aw happy 5th wedding anniversary and I love that he asked you what you wanted to mark the occasion. The perfume is beautifully designed, any chance you know whether it is cruelty free by any chance?

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  7. I LOVE this perfume! My mum is an addict to Donna Karen perfumes and she loves them like no other! Every time I visit her, I slather myself with her perfume!

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  8. Happy 5th wedding anniversary!! Such a lovely present. I might try this one next time as I also struggle to get perfume that would last. So far it was only Chloe that stayed all day but never tried Donna Karan 🙂

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  9. HAPPY 5 years, you two looks so happy with you the best and omfg I am obsessed with perfume, so will ask for a sample. Powerful scents tend to last longer too- also, if you have the lotion add that first then a spray, it lasts longer… 🙂 all the bless x

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  10. I don’t really use perfumes since I’m allergic to most of them, but if I ever did buy one, I would probably get a perfume with a nice packaging like this one just to putiton displey on my vanity

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  11. Congratulations on you two’s milestone! Such a big accomplishment to be able to find your partner and be with them for so long. That perfume smells great! The ladies in my family wear it all the time!

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  12. I’m sort of the opposite of you in that I don’t change scents often. But like you, I prefer a subtle scent. The scent I’ve been wearing for years was discontinued years ago. So I can only order it online, and there will come a time when I can’t get it anymore. So I’m in the market, but I struggle to find something subtle that mixes well with my body chemistry. I need to find a new favorite and will check this one out. Thanks for sharing.

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  13. sounds like a great choice for those in need of perfume (esp for the holiday season) I like having a few different ones to select from to change it up depending on the mood ; )


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