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Odd Outfit Of The Day 

Who else loves an athletic look that just screams fun? Especially, because I want to look fabulous, while crying internally while I am “running” on that treadmill. Yes, I know I used quotes. Yes, it was intentional. No, you still cannot judge me.

I wanted to do something quirky and adorable and felt that,with Halloween coming, I needed something that would embrace the mood of the holiday and let me tell you, I was pleased with the combination I thought of when I first woke up. If you follow me, you already know that I love purses and I think they compliment each other, so the outfit had to have one.

Hear ye, hear ye

Coffee in hand, just out of the shower and still not quite awake, I allowed my inner happy child to come forward and come up with an interesting choice!!!

Hot pink Paul’s Boutique purse, black tshirt and turquoise-green-blue leggings are an amazing way to stand out at the gym or at the coffee shop! Notice the skull details on the purse accessory and those flowers on the leggings! Closet mix for the win!

Of course, I would not feel ready without my perfume from Victoria’s Secret, Scandalous and after getting dressed, I was ready to walk out the door and get started with my day.

~You can shop the perfume Scandalous rollerball here and the eau de parfum here .

Don’t be afraid to see things from a different perspective and change it up a little bit. Alter small aspects of your everyday life and take a chance! Life is more joyful when you embrace it and have a positive attitude!

What do you think of odd outfits?

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36 thoughts on “Odd Outfit Of The Day 

  1. That hot pink bag is definitely an attention grabber! And there’s nothing wrong with that. We all make our own fashion statements from time to time and I think you nailed it.

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  2. That blue colour is my favourite ever! If I ever were to dye my hair, it would be those exact shades! Also, Halloween is the best time of the year for pulling off supposedly “odd” outfits out in public and these are cool, anyway!

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  3. If the leggings are comfy and won’t chaff or fall down, go for it.
    Is this a special gym look or just a gym feel look?
    I love the whole look and that pink purse is calling my name. Snap! 😉

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  4. LOVE the concept of odd outfits. In my opinion, as long as you are confident enough to pull it off and wear it well…nothing is too odd when it comes to fashion!

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  5. Oh, my god !! Those turquoise-green-blue leggings with the floral pattern are to die for !! Totally my style, as I would buy anything that has flowers on. Heard so many good things about the new scent. What do you think about it?

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  6. MAN, I wish we saw you in the final look! I love grabbing a pair of leggings and complementing them with a top that is borderline mismatch HA! I just love playing on patterns, even when it comes to my athletic gear.

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  7. Agreed after all our definition of fashion is all open to interpretation so who says you can’t have fun with it! I agree that the hot pink bag is very gorgeous 🙂 x x


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