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Favorite items for this week

Hello everyone! Hope your holidays, whatever they might be, are filled with happiness, love and joy! Speaking of joy, I thought to compile a list of some of my favorite items of this week that bring me cheerfulness and are filled with a positive outlook!

Some of my most liked things this cold time of the year are my thank you cards, a good candle and a plant to remind me that Mother Nature is still kicking around!!

The thank you cards are for everyone that thought of us this wonderful and joyous time of the year. Christmas gifts, cookies and love all around I believe is best given back with a heartfelt thank you card. So, this watercolor George Stanley is the answer to my prayers. It wouldn’t be mine if it wasn’t fashionable and had an artistic approach, let’s be honest!

As you know, chilly weather calls for everything warm and fuzzy and a candle with my absolute favorite smell in the world could not be absent from my favorite item list for this week! I love warm notes and flowery undertones, so the black orchid captivated me as a smell since the moment I found it. I adore smelling it in my office, while I am writing and it just promotes good and happy vibes to me! Bonus points, it’s a natural soy candle that is naturally infused with essential oils.

Last but not least, Christmas cactus. I love plants, I am grateful for their oxygen and the good energy they give, but in the winter, they usually are not as cheerful as they would be in summer time. They are though, some plants that strive in this type of cool weather and evidently I buy one every year. This year it was gifted to me and I am just so grateful. It is sitting happily on my desk and it is thriving!

Thank you for stopping by! Do you have a list of favorite items this week? If so, what are they? Drop a comment on the comment section below!

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10 thoughts on “Favorite items for this week

  1. Your Christmas cactus reminds me so much of my great-grandpa. He was a master gardener and had the most beautiful one in his window. Some years were better than others for the number of blooms, but no matter, it seemed happy none the less. When he passed, my mom inherited it and it’s been going strong ever since. x

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