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Growth vs. Perfection and inner self

C0DU4NMXQFTrying to achieve perfection is not possible. We forget how amazingly human we are and we strive for “perfection”.

But you know, this is my perfect now. Messy hair, a little heavenly sent mascara, gorgeous bags under my eyes and an attitude to grow as a person. Growth does not have to be perfect. Growth means evolution. You evolve from the person you used to be and through your life experiences, you can see the world in a new light. I have found out that the more you keep an open mind, the easier it is to see a new perspective. I, for example, had always the push to be “perfect”. Like an obsession with the word, I wanted it, I craved it and I wished to achieve perfection. Problem was that I didn’t even know what my perfection entailed. At times it was my weight, afterwards my studies or even my art. Looking back, my perfection dream was not put together well but I needed it. Even though I had put myself through an impossible path, I chose to pause. For my sake, I re-evaluated everything I deemed was significant and in those moments I found that I’m seeing everything too one sided. I took a step back and that was the best decision of my life. I realized that it’s highly addictive to chase that perfection. But similar to every addiction, it’s not worth it. I put all my opinions aside and I focused on what makes me happy. I believed that would bring me some sort of fulfillment, but it didn’t; Not in a way I wished. That’s when I discovered that to be truly free of chasing the impossible, you have to stop running. You have to make the world stop swirling and find your center. In those moments, you are facing your own self. That’s when you need to find your inner strength and choose yourself.  Reflecting is never easy and our inner self can be a very difficult subject to tackle. But it is possible to befriend yourself. Choose to call your imperfections perfect. Choose love instead of hate. Choose not to run anymore and be comfortable where or who you are. Make your own rules. After you achieve this great climb, only then you can move forward and start growing as a person. You will start healing yourself and no matter the circumstances, you will always be coming back to believing in yourself and start a new journey; Evolving as a human being. Consequently, I found myself evolving in all aspects of my life that I though I was lacking in. I, actually, started getting my happiness back and I noticed smiling more and more. I wanted to be better now, not perfect, I felt that a whole new world opened up for me and I was ready for it.

In the end, growth and perfection are not the same for me. How about you? Where do you stand?

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10 thoughts on “Growth vs. Perfection and inner self

  1. I completely agree with you. You can grow in the way you perceive yourself and others, which will never be perfection! -Tonya Tardiff

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  2. I think I have finally grasped the fact that nobody is perfect. Growth for me is a fine I prefer that term as it just puts less pressure on oneself!

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  3. I love it, make the imperfections perfect and you’ll definitely be satisfied with the kind of life that you have. That’s the secret to loving yourself more as well. Such a positive message!

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  4. Yes perfection is out of everyone’s reach and we will end up wasting our lives and being unhappy constantly trying to achieve perfection instead of enjoying the life that we have.

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  5. What a great read. I agree. I am always trying to find perfection but when I do not find it, it makes me sad. Now I just try to make better things in life happen and if things do not always go to plan, I try again the next day 🙂

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