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Why does body positivity matter?

Fall down 6 Times, get up 7. That’s how life is sometimes. It’s not perfect. It is not a walk to the park. You have to learn to go with the punches and realize that things don’t always go your way. I learned the hard way and still do, but at the end of the day what matters is accepting the fact that you are exactly where you are meant to be. If you acknowledge this as a fact, then life gets easier.

The same happens with body image and body positivity. You see body positivity doesn’t arrive in a day. It takes a while to nest in your heart and take roots. In the beginning, I was fighting the concept. Loving yourself, even though you can see your own flaws, seemed like an utopian dream that had no foundation to me. I questioned it and I argued with myself. But, for some reason, I kept coming back to the idea. Wouldn’t it be a perfect life to lead when you start loving all of you and not only focusing on the small parts of you? Wouldn’t it be freeing to alter the way you view your self and shift some of that hatred towards a more positive aspect? My main concern though was that if I believed this, if I work on my body image and follow the body positivity train would this affect me in a negative way? Would I stay still and hide behind the idea and not better myself like I want to?

I had many questions, but I realized the only way for me to find my answers was to try them. So, I did. The very next day I went shopping and I found a dress I would never buy before and I had found myself loving, but not having the guts to buy it. And guess what! I bought it. I came home and we had planned an afternoon with some friends and I felt very self conscious, but I said to myself now is the time. It’s time for a change. You need this. You have to do this. I put it on and at first, even though I loved it on the hanger I loathed it on myself. After a lot of back and forth I wore the dress and we went out. At the end of the day I had received so many nice compliments and I almost forgot what I was wearing. For some reason it was an aha moment for me and I decided to work on myself more and more. Now, because it worked on me, doesn’t mean it will help you, but if you search for your own tempo a little bit, it will be worth it!

Nevertheless, I still wondered if my body positivity would be an issue with my willingness to further myself in terms of my body weight. That is when I finally realized that body positivity doesn’t mean you don’t want to better yourself. It doesn’t mean you don’t go to the gym or eat healthy. It’s so much more than this. It means you have a newfound love for you body, mind and matter and it is only the beginning step. You have the power in your hands now and you shouldn’t be afraid to use it. You can do everything you want, without beating yourself up if you are not exactly where you want to be or how you want to look. You understand that it is a process and you put a halt on your self loathing. You notice the little changes in your everyday life and the impact it has on you. It means that you will smile wide and honestly in pictures and not pull on your shirt 700 times. It results in you happily eating a burger, because you need to have a cheat day and not crying about it later. It has the ability to help you stand tall and not be self conscious if you are the tallest person among your friends. It means that it is ok to be different and in the end of the day you love it. Because, let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be you without your differences, so might as well accept and cherish them!


9 thoughts on “Why does body positivity matter?

  1. I think rather than judge your looks and body size it’s better to learn to love who you are within and get comfortable with that.Being positive about oneself will increase self esteem.

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  2. awww, this is so inspiring! A lot of us are desperate and not content with their body because they haven’t learn to love it. And you are right, embrace our flaws, that’s the only time we can accept and love ourselves 🙂

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  3. Such an inspiring post! Instead of finding flaws and obsessing over them, it is so important to accept and love our body unconditionally.

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  4. Loving yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself! I think we should all spend a bit more time on learning how to accept and love ourselves and we’ll be happier 🙂

    K x

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  5. Good that you are doing this for yourself. In my case, I really do need to love my body more. Honestly, I want to go back to my skinny days, which is rather almost unreachable at this point. I dunno, I just felt so light back then.

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