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Architecture photography and body image

On a first glance, you would probably start wondering how could architecture photography and body image be connected in any way?! Well, allow me to explain a few things first.

I was out exploring a couple days ago and I have prepared for you some pictures that will be attached on this article. If you follow me on social media, you probably know how much I adore photography. I like learning more and more about this particular subject, honing my skills and abilities and it is very intriguing. I love the concept of keeping that one moment alive forever and being able to return to it at will! I have an I – phone, which makes my life easy, but I still love the good old camera where you have to work to get that perfect shot.

Unfortunately, my affection for photography declined and soon enough I had no desire to take pictures or be photographed. I used to live for the moment I would take a walk and find the prettiest tree or flower, but I was at that point in my life where I saw no interest on the matter. Since I had my fair share of body image issues, I hid from the camera. I ran far and wide. I lost the will to pick it up or pose and my smiles looked stiff and to be entirely honest, forced. I couldn’t find the beauty in my everyday life and focused on the negative way of things. But a couple years passed and with it I had achieved a newfound perspective in life. To be honest with you, it took me a while to realize the big changes that a new positive outlook can generate. It was only when I learned about self care and loving my body that I started seeing depth, angles and colors again.

Fast forward to today. Since I have been on this path of positive body image mindset, I decided to start photography again and every chance I get, I snap a picture. I am not a professional, but I enjoy the process and the outcome. Everywhere I go I am ready to take a picture and let me tell you, my husband now wears the crown of an “Instagram Husband”, since he has taken all my full body pictures so far and he has done an impeccable job!

Something that I have noticed though, that is quite surprising to me, is the fact that now I see beauty in things I never paid attention to before, especially with pictures and photography. I caught myself asking why. Why couldn’t I see it before? I believe it is because, even though the body image issues hadn’t come to the surface yet, they were there and it prevented a part of me from seeing the beauty in the unconventional. I know that we do it sometimes. We pass the beaten up building that used to stand tall and proud. We forget how pretty this forest was, before it was cut down and now it stands lonely and barren. We do this, not only with nature and building, but with people too. We disregard human beings for being too fat, too short, too thin, too tall. We don’t pay attention to the details that make us unique. We don’t see past our perception of what is considered beautiful and focus only on the negatives. That is why I decided to start taking pictures of everything and anything and the biggest change of pace for me was architecture photography. I never knew the beauty that was hidden in it and my change of heart opened my eyes to a whole new world.

So, there you have it. The connection between architecture photography and body image. We judge people and ourselves the same way like we would judge a building. Perhaps, instead of doing so, it is time to appreciate the grace and elegance that they generate and be charmed by who or what they truly represent; A grandeur within.

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Pictures included in this post are taken by me. All rights reserved to Kallia’s Everyday Talks.



32 thoughts on “Architecture photography and body image

  1. I am so glad you decided to pick up your camera again because you are such a talented photographer and these pictures you have showcased are really amazing!

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  2. Photography is so varied – and can be such a great art. When travelling, I sometimes find it hard to find a balance between looking and taking pictures – somehow they obstruct each other. Hence I try to take pix with my camera….but also with my heart.

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  3. I must confess I had only a passing interest in architecture photography until I visited Rome and fell in love with the tall ceilinged buildings with their imposing tall doors. I love how you made the connection with body positivity and it has inspired me to look with fresh eyes too.

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  4. This is so true! When we don’t feel good about ourselves, we hide from everything around us. Whenever I walk around my neighborhood, I really try to notice little details I didn’t before.

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  5. That is very well said. I’m glad you took that step forward and proceeded with your love for photography again, I think it’s amazing that you did because you learned and realized so much about yourself and life! I love your post, I hope it inspires others!

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  6. Hmmm I never really connected body image and architecture photography. But I don’t look too good in photos so I would rather take them than be in them. hehe

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  7. You take some fantastic photos. Sometimes we need to have a bit of confidence in our ability. I avoid photos too, always have since I was a child but more so now having gained weight after having children. Keep taking photos!!!!

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  8. in the era of instagram communication, every kind of photography we use for our personal storytelling is crucial for our personal image, also architecture. I know many instagrammer who look for strange pieces of architecture also to portray themselves with, with great and interesting results.

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  9. When photography becomes part of you through taking pictures or having yours taken for Instagram’s sake, even the slightest things look very beautiful! Guess we sail in the same boat! And the pictures you’ve shared look awesome; architecture is just something I love!

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