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Swimsuit weather for a girl like me

I take pride in making several efforts in becoming a body positivity advocate and I spend most of my time helping individuals find their voice about their bodies, through my blog. Empowering them, encouraging them and aiding them on the journey of achieving body positivity, since I am one of you. I am in the middle of this. I try to be candid about my struggles, my life and points of views, while keeping an open mind of course. Although, understanding that it’s a process and there are some setbacks is part of the game, as well.

No matter where you are on your journey, there are those moments that you start doubting yourself. During those times there are some self help points you could start incorporating in your every day life, such as self compliments- exercises in front of a mirror. I know a lot of people that have seeked professional help and that has helped them tremendously. But one thing that I have encountered quite a lot (and I have done it in the past) is accept some facts for my body that are outrageous.

I am in the middle of some personal time off and I cannot shake a phrase that I heard the other day. This lovely, young lady was talking to her friend and unwillingly I overheard her casually mention “It’s so hot out, I want to get in the pool, but I shouldn’t go out with a swimsuit on. Who would wanna see all that”. Now, I wanted to go to her and ask her why. Why would you put yourself down? You’re beautiful, I don’t know you and I can tell you have been brainwashed into thinking those ideas. Then I came to thinking that so many times, in several occasions, I was that girl. I was shocked how close to home that feeling felt. I have hidden from cameras, I wouldn’t go to busy beaches or pools and hated swimsuit season. I’ve been there. Heck, at days I’m still there. It hurts. It can be soul crushing and messes with your whole life.

I never went to her. I never asked all of those questions. I understood her conversation was private and I steered away. But her words burned in my mind. They stayed there and kept replaying. She believed it and she thought that that was her reality. Because I couldn’t tell her, I decided to say it publicly and if you happen to have said those words and stop by my blog, please know that we all have been there.

Closing, if I could say something to you, now that we are all full on summer mode is I know it sucks. I know disliking your body feels horrible and swimsuits or revealing more skin makes you feel being out on blast. You see yourself and don’t like your reflection on the mirror. But if you continue down that path, it only gets darker. If you allow the world’s standards guide you and end up accepting them, then you will always be on the same self loathing situation. So, if you like a swimsuit and it’s a two piece get it. Don’t focus on the absurdity of “plus size means I have to wear one piece or no swimsuit at all”. “I should probably cover myself”. “No, I’m sorry I don’t think I will follow you to the pool guys, but you go have fun”. Don’t let the world and your mind bully you. Wear your crown and own your body. You are beautiful and it’s time for you to own it. Be proud of all of you and perhaps get a tan without holding the judgment of the world on your shoulders.


29 thoughts on “Swimsuit weather for a girl like me

  1. I think body positivity is so important! Every body is beautiful, and life is too short to beat ourselves up. Thank you for sharing this!

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  2. It’s funny, whatever size you are woman and girls seem to always have a lack of body confidence in swim wear. I was out this weekend and a girlfriend was wearing a t-shirt over her swimsuit and she still felt self conscious, and it’s such a shame because she has a cracking figure.

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  3. You are doung an amazing job as body positivity advocate. The first person who will accept you as a whole is You-yourself. When we leave all of our self doubt there is no one who can stop you.

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  4. Body shaming, body positivity.. It’s just us women always complaining and feeling insecure. But yeah, why? It’s sad that it all exists but I also believe that if you don’t like the way your body looks like do smth about it and not just moan. Do smth until you feel proud and in love with yourself.

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  5. I could not agree with you more. It is just terrible how many women feel so bad about themselves because of society’s obsession with a certain body image. We have to all overcome this and see beauty in the person as being so much more valued than the body. All of us shouldn’t give a second thought to going swimming at any time. Great post and I loved how you expressed your view.

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  6. Honestly, everyone has a part of them they’re self-conscious about. We have to remember that! Even the most conventionally beautiful person on the beach probably feels a little insecure being half-naked in a swimsuit. So we might as well just enjoy ourselves!

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  7. This is such a nice post and very inspiring. I am glad that you are able to write about body positivity, for me acceptance and be thankful of what you have is one the key to love yourself.

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  8. This is such a beautiful post! I don’t even own a bikini or custom for the reasons you spoke about. I am hoping to travel more next year so my goal is to become more confident

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  9. I think it is important to try and be body positive. I really think it should be something we teach in school, society has a lot to answer for!

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  10. self love and acceptance is a beautiful thing, esp with ourselves! We are our own worst critic and it’s sad… If only society defined beautiful correctly!!! flawless doesn’t exist ; )

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  11. It’s so important to have your positive body image and enjoy the life whatsoever it is. I can definitely imagine that with more body weight sometimes things become difficult, but then you need to have that love for yourself.

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  12. Body positivity is so important but again, people are always so quick to judge so if I wasn’t feeling that awesome with my body because of some scar or something, I wouldn’t go unless I find the best swimsuit.

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  13. People should go out into a pool no matter what anyone else thinks. It’s good to be out and its good exercise. I feel bad people feel intimidated enough not to want to go to a pool worried over what people think.

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  14. The world can be a nasty place at times if we allow it and sadly it happens more often than not self-consciously due to the constant opinions of many. Our greatest-gift is our mind, yet at the same time our greatest fear. Self-confidence and self-worth is the first step to positivity.

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